Isolation For Rega P3

Have a Rega P3 with Elys on sorbethane feet on 3/4" maple board which is on heavy shelf in built in entertainment center. Top end is a bit bright. Have received all kinds of advice from changing cartridge to special platforms. Any ideas? Electronics are first rate Linn products so that's not the issue.
You probably have several things going on here at once. The wall mounted stands made by Rega and Target are by far the best stands for the Rega Tables. If they cannot be accomodated than a stand with a light shelf that resonates at a high frequency is best. The Lak that Tom suggests in your other thread, the Sound Organization or Target stands that support the top shelf on upturned spikes are best. You can also level the table this way. Have you checked your table for level by the way? Far most important is where you site your stand. Walk around the room with a CD playing heavy bass. You will hear areas of constructive and destructive bass reinforcement. You want the stand where it is quiet, not boomy. A rat shack SPL meter will help here, if you have one. You will be shocked at the large differences that you hear. This is far more important than the type of stand that you select. When you sort all of this out, you may find that the problem is diminished, but not cured. And that is because the Elys tends to be a bit bright. Also, if you are using the three screw mounting for the Elys, it is not aligned properly. Get a simple protractor, you can even download a free one from the web, and lose that third screw. Proper Baerwald alignment will put the cartridge foreward of where it is with the three screw alignment and will sound much smoother and more coherent. I have to get back to work, but I have some other ideas. Feel free to contact me off of the board.
Oh, and definitely get rid of the Sorbothane feet. The Rega, when functioning proplerly will sound best on its own weird feet. Compensating with the Sorbothane is just muddying up the problem.
Would a sandbox type of platform be OK I wonder?
I use a Planar 3 on an old-style Sound Organization floor rack. I did use a sandbox type platform on the rack for a while, and it did some good. I tried out a Neuance platform and liked that a lot, so I've stuck with that. Never tried a maple base, so I can't compare. The Planar 3 is on its original feet; sometimes I switch in Mapleshade Triplepoint brass feet. They're different; I like it both ways.

A bright top end was not one of my concerns, though. I was looking for more detail, top and bottom, and a more open midrange. Best of luck!
Hi Jeff,

We have had a great many excellent reports from people that use our Big Rock platform under the Rega. The Big Rock is the original "sandbox" type of platform. DIY versions of the Big Rock, however, typically do not perform to the same level.


Barry Kohan

Disclaimer: I am a manufacturer of vibration control products.
Hi PJH99,

The maple board does resonate (as does all natural wood) which may be contributiing to the brightness you are experiencing. It is best to avoid materials that resonate (wood, acrylic, etc.) and materials that ring (stone, metal, etc.) as supports for audio and video equipment.

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