isolation for a Music Reference RM9 MKII

Hello, I have a piece of maple butcher block with brass allthread W/points. I want to put cones, BDR, brass cones, or does anyone have any suggestions to separate the amp from the butcher block? Thanks
Hey,nice to hear from someone with a great amp. I made my own "sand box"type thing for my 9 2.If you have a skill saw,limited carpentry skills,and some black paint,and some sand from Home Depot,cheap.You could use your "block" as the top. Make the base 1/2 in wider and deeper. Thus giving you 1/8 smaller(on the 4 sides) for your top.A hunk of 1x3 for the sides of the frame. Try with and without cones.With a cement and carpeted floor,I don't use cones. --cheep--cheep--
Hi A2z, Maple Shade has isoblocks that sell for $24. Put these under your butcher block. You might try using there conepoints also. (301) 627-6350. Good stuff.