Isolation footers for Rotel RCD-1072

Do any of you Rotel RCD-1072 owners out there have any experience with brass (or other) isolation footers under the deck. If, so, did you remove the original feet ? Where did you place the new footers ? Noticeable MUSICAL improvements ? Let me hear your thoughts. Thanks, and Happy Listening !
Don't know the RCD-1072, but in general brass footers work particularly well under CDPs, preamps and amps. I've experimented with lots of footers and the Mapleshade Heavyfoot V3 are the best bang-for-the-buck footers I've heard.
No need to remove original feet, just place in a roughly triangular arrangement under the equipment and in direct contact with the bottom of the chassis. I usually place one of the footers under the heaviest part of the equipment and distribute the other two to balance and stabilize the equipment. With a CDP, I also like to place a footer directly under the disk tray. Improvements include more articulate images, improved dynamics and musicality, and, significantly defined bass.
I owned the 1072 a while back. I also happened to have a set of 3 large brass cones that my friend let me borrow. I put them under the cd player hoping to hear a difference. I may have heard a very slight difference, but I'm guessing it's because I wanted to hear a difference, not because there actually was one.
With a well assembled system such as you've put together I say yes you will hear a difference. I think the heavy feet recommended above are worth every dollar. The difference I noticed in the sound when I put them under my Rotel was a more laid back sound and not as hard around the edge. Yea I just took off the original plastic feet and packed them away.

Happy listening!
I think it's impossible to generalize about the effect of any isolation device, since the result is dependent on what it's sitting on to begin with and the particular vibration it's affected by in your environment. Not to mention personal taste. IMO, it's all trial and error.

While I was never a Vibrapod fan, I have had some luck using a Vibrapod "sandwich" under a CD player. You purchase a 18 x 14 piece of wood or Corian and place 8 Vibrapods around the perimeter, leaving the center unsupported. Then, just place your CD player on the shelf. Also works very well under some turntables and tube amps, so it might be worthwhile to invest, as you can try it under your various components.