Isolation footers for Rega Elicit, Saturn-R

Is anyone using isolation footers/pucks under their Rega components and do they work better than the stock feet?  Thanks very much 
 Not under Rega components, but under all of my source and amplification components, including my CD transport, I use these and they are great! These are the best value, they look good and they work!

Diversitech E.V.A. Anti-Vibration Pad, 2" x 2" x 7/8"

Box of 48 for $26.40 
Thanks for this, I’ll check them out. 
I have the REGA OSIRIS integrated amp / REGA ISIS VALVE CDP- DAC combo.

Add on tweaks for these ? ...... nope ..... No isolation footers or pucks required ..... the tweaks don’t add squat in terms of audio performance.

They may add something for different folks (I had the MAPLESHADE HEAVYFEET brass footers under my prior ARCAM FMJ system...)

My REGA components listed above are heavy .....56 lb. and 52 lb. respectively. That seat themselves Uber- solidly on the audio rack shelf on their factory OEM pads cuz they are built like tanks.

The MAPLESHADE HEAVYFEET brass footers are mothballed and waiting to be sold when I get around to it.

I have been using for many years, " Rubber Door Stopper / Bumpers ", originally sold for the purpose of providing wall protection from door knobs. Also great for under bookshelf speakers, speakers on stands, and floor speakers on non carpeted floors. Amazon......4 pack for $10. Available in black, white or clear. I recommend do not use the supplied feet when using after market isolators . Enjoy ! MrD.