Isolation Feet Upgrade

Happy Holidays!
I recently upgraded my Ayre QB9 to its Twenty status and bought a Bryston BDP Pi. Everything’s sounds good but if I could slightly increase bass and warmth I’d be even happier. My thought is to replace the ASR power cable to a Cullen Crossover II and by adding more silver into the power cord, that I’d increase warmth that way. The second tweak would be to replace the Herbie's Tenderfeet but am not sure what would constitute an upgrade. I have read claims however that certain brand names will increase bass response. I remember the time I replaced the stock feet on my QB9 in 2011 and how surprised I was by the improvement in clarity and detail. Am I just chasing my tail with these tweak notions or can I really tailor my equipment into a slightly more preferable sonic signature. Price point is always a factor.
Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

I would save the money from the power cables and use the Nobsound, and if you do not have your speakers isolated and your turntable then add Nobsound to them too.

You can buy from amazon and if you do not like them send them back. BTW,I have nothing to do with Nobsound beyond that they work so I bought many of them.

If you want to verify on your own, and have an iPhone use Vibration analysis it is the closest to an actual vibrometer you can get without a real one, and it is very good.

Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy your system better.


I am in the USA this week so I can send you the actual LDV numbers but here is




and here are the Orea Bordeaux 


look at the scales same song same for vibration it easy to see and you can reproduce in your home too

I can see there's a significant difference with the Nobsound but is it actually audible? I read a little on the Townshend and I'm pretty certain there's a significant improvement with those. Anyway, I still need to upgrade the power chord for my DAC and then use the current chord for my phono amp. The Townshend is where I'm focused but it will take some time on my part. Like I said before, I very much appreciate your input. Its been very informative!

Look at the scales! 😎 and yes the sound difference is noticeable to the ears to a significant scale, but also even in sound measurements. I will see if I have some measurements pictures. 
For Herbies and Isoacoustic,  the range is 0.001-0.002 with lots of peaks over 0.002. Or 1/1,000 and 2/1,000.

For Nosebound/Disk of Silence the range is 0.0005-0.001 with very few peaks over 0.001, or 5/10,000 and 1/1,000 


The smaller the vibration the better; although I am not a mechanical engineer, I have been told that vibration optimization is not linear but something between linear and exponential with a lot of qualifiers.

I have a Trimov ST2 Pro that now and then I use in one of my systems, and the corrections from nothing to Nosebund/Disk of Silence are significantly reduced, with the Credo/Townshed almost insignificant.

The cool thing is that I can on-off the corrections and immediately notice the sound difference. I did not bother to do the Isoacoustics and Herbies as with the mechanical and listening tests I discarded them.

Good luck! experimenting is fun.