Isolation Feet Upgrade

Happy Holidays!
I recently upgraded my Ayre QB9 to its Twenty status and bought a Bryston BDP Pi. Everything’s sounds good but if I could slightly increase bass and warmth I’d be even happier. My thought is to replace the ASR power cable to a Cullen Crossover II and by adding more silver into the power cord, that I’d increase warmth that way. The second tweak would be to replace the Herbie's Tenderfeet but am not sure what would constitute an upgrade. I have read claims however that certain brand names will increase bass response. I remember the time I replaced the stock feet on my QB9 in 2011 and how surprised I was by the improvement in clarity and detail. Am I just chasing my tail with these tweak notions or can I really tailor my equipment into a slightly more preferable sonic signature. Price point is always a factor.
Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
I forgot to mention that I’m guessing that upgrading the power cord might increase bass response itself?
Silver boosts brightness. I could be wrong but I thought that was the opposite of warmth.
I went from sorbothane, to vibropods.

Then Black Rivioli Pads.

Finally Black Ravioli Big Pads on amp, and DAC.
I recommend them.
Jerry, the Black Ravioli look similar to the Herbie’s Tenderfeet but assuming there’s a difference in sound.
Highly recommend the Crossover II. The combination of silver and copper provides neutral to warm sonics with detail, realism, and a good low-end. 
lowrider, nice running in to you again. I’m thinking that the Crossover II with the current Herbie’s could be enough but it seems like I should buy the power cable first and go from there.
Herbies Tenderfeet provide warmth (which I consider colouring the sound) and they also rob the component of deep bass extension and slam.

I use DH Cones for isolation. They're placed under the component chassis and require some type of platform or vibration free shelf. The different type of cones can provide levels of warmth, but all help create a open, transparent sonic signature.

Stillpoints are always highly recommended, I think they avoid adding any warmth.

I just discovered EVP's from AV Roomservice and am very pleased with their isolation ability. They impart no sonic signature into the music, they are as transparent as I've heard in my system. The bass comes through deep and tight.
 They can be placed under the stock footers or the chassis onto any surface.

Hi @goofyfoot , hope all is well. I agree with your plan, add the Cullen first. I have 3 Crossfires in my system now plus a Cullen C7 for my Node2i. All present open sonics with very good low-end performance.

lowrider, I mainly listen to classical/art music so altering dynamics may be preferable with popular music but will noticeable alter the natural balance of a piano, cello, etc...
The EVP website is definitely thorough but nothing is mentioned about price.
I listen to mainly classical as well; symphonic, quartets, quintet's, trios.
The price of the EVP's is there somewhere, I think it's $45 each. I'm using 3 under my preamp and will buy another set soon. I've replaced all my Herbies Tenderfeet.

When I mentioned how much bass is now revealed, it's because other footers I was using restricted or softened the low-end. With the EVP's and DH Cones I now hear what the engineer intended. They're not expensive and now I hear the dynamics that were recorded. My system was always bass shy. 
Now if i could only get the bottom octave without adding a subwoofer.

I found hemispherical isolation feet with a 20A Durometer rating.

Super Soft, excellent decoupling and vibration damping without having to break into your piggy bank.

lowrider, thanks! Patrick first made me a pair of jumper cables back when the Red series were popular and then did surgery on a couple pair of Hi Diamond cables. His work is solid. I can’t believe his prices are so reasonable. I’m unable to make the purchase right now but it should be soon. 
I did see the prices on the EVP feet, pretty reasonable also.

Nice QB9 upgrade! The AYRE Twenty Series is very special.
Good to read that these products are responsive to feet upgrade(s).
I am looking into IsoAcoustics myself.

Happy Listening!
Jafant, yes, I’ve been happy with my Ayre since the day I bought it and Ayre offers great customer support. Why the IsoAcoustics?
Jerry, the Black Ravioli look similar to the Herbie’s Tenderfeet but assuming there’s a difference in sound.
A difference in price too.
Black Ravioli's effect is one of damping as well as isolation.

My notes at the time (August 2019)
"Put the Black Ravioli Pads on last week.
A set of 4 each for the Dac and Dac power supply.
A set of 4 with the amp.
It bought all the changes I've made [over the last 18 months] together.
Synergy, I'd call it.
Really enjoying the music.
Seems that was what I was missing.
My cynicism has disappeared. BR Pads work."

Bought four Black Ravioli Big Pads for the amp (July 2020).
What an improvement.
More depth and detail.

Honestly, I was a cynic regarding isolation pads.
Thought it ridiculous to spend that amount.

I'm now a convert.
Money well spent.

 Isoacoustic Oreas did wonders for me. Tighter focus, improved detail and extension at both ends. Better tone and separation along with an almost 3D sense of sound emanating in all directions on better recordings.

All the best,
The Isoacoustic Oreas might be a nice addition to my ASR Emitter II amp as well as my modified Thorens TD160. I’m thinking the EVP’s for my DAC however.
jerry, what do you mean by dampening?
My understanding of damping, is a reduction in vibration.

From what I understand, the Black Ravioli have a damping effect, especially in respect to the minute vibrations caused by electronic equipment.
jerry, isolation will minimize vibration. My thinking is that dampening implies something else but I understand your point.
Townshend or Ingress/slate platform/inner tube or Solid Tech are all good options
+ 1 on the Cullen Cable "Crossover Series" power cable. Even more impressive when you factor in the price to performance ratio.

One option to the Iso Acoustics "Oreas" ($45 - 60 each), is the Iso Acoustics "Iso Puck minis." They come in a set of 8 for $99 (I just noticed that they are currently 25% off @  Audio Advisor); but, two caveats......

1) They are only rated @ 6 pounds each (component must be < 24 lbs)
2) They are 40% smaller than the Oreas; so, they'll only fit smaller sized footers.
I’m also currently using Herbie’s steel cones with platinum disks under my Quad 2905 ESL’s and can say that doing so was a giant step up from the stock feet. The cost for most speaker isolation feet are crazy numbers.
My thinking is that dampening implies something else but I understand your point.
It's damping. A different word, therefore different meaning.

Either way, I'm still sold on the improvement they made.

AYRE and IsoAcoustics seem a natural, sonic, fit.

Happy Listening!
I run Cullen Crossover ll only and they are terrific.  I would replace with those, let them settle in and then attack the footers thing.  I’m still an equipment stand fan as opposed to footers.  

Iso Acoustics does seem on top of that niche.  I use Gaia ll on my floor standers and the Orea discs under some cheaper pieces with good effect.
The EVP's work well, very transparent.
I found out about them on a recent thread and ordered a set for my preamp. Now I'm going to order another set.

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BTW, I'm also a goofy foot.

I built custom equipment racks. Used 4" HD EVPs to support the rack and isolate it. Each shelf is 1.5" hard maple butcher block supported by four 2" HD EVPs. Tighter, clearer, deeper bass is the main improvement. Darker backgrounds, clearer mids and overall more tonal accuracy/presence  are additional benefits.

I don't use subs but Jim Smith of Get Better Sounds reports that using 4" HD EVPs results in a big improvement.
That can be done as well. Well designed equipment racks and amp stands are isolated from the floor with each individual shelf further isolated. No reason you can't then add additional coupling or isolation for components on each shelf. Always experiment for the best results in your system.
I moved to Herbie’s Tenderfeet under my Krell Digital Vanguard over the summer. It was a worthwhile upgrade. After a few months, I decided try the Iso Acoustics Orea Indigo’s under the Vanguard. The upgraded sound was very noticeable and I would 100% make that move again. Just an immediate tighter, more enjoyable sound. Very worthwhile. 
The Tenderfeet are now under my office amp. 

BTW - Recently I decided to try the Iso Acoustic Gaia II’s and carpet disks under my Vanderstenn 2ce II Sigs and was disappointed. I was expecting the same sort of improvement from an already excellent in my mind sounding amp/speaker combination. Turns out that the Gaia’s really just sucked all of the dynamics out of the sound. I gave it a couple of weeks trying to tweak the placement of the speakers. Eventually gave up and replaced the Gaia’s with the original spikes and there was no question that this was the right choice so I sent the Gaia’s back. I do not doubt people who see an improvement from them - just in my scenario it did not work out. I am using the Vandersteen stands/bases filled with sand on a carpeted floor over a concrete basement.
I have to wonder whether ultra expensive isolation feet are significantly more refined than the better more affordable options?
I use Black ravioli pads on top of Final Darumas. A word of caution:
Using 3 instead of 4 with one directly centred under the power supply provides better load balancing and offers sonic improvements (Wavac EC300b, Innuos Zenith mk3)
I just checked the AV Room Service site and the EVP's have doubled in price. Now I'm thinking about trying the Iso Acoustics under my power conditioner. It weighs about 80 pounds and I'll need four.

Can anybody recommend a set that will work and not compress under heavy weight?

The Iso Pucks are cheaper than the Oreas and may be what you need.

The guys at are great to deal with and try all the products first hand.

All the best,
 @nonoise .
It's funny, after going to your link I remembered I tried them a few years ago. I put them under a heavy amp and they completely compressed. So I would need footers that have weight ratings.

But thanks for the reply.

These have weight ratings as well. Iso Pucks come with two or three different weight ratings.

All the best,
yogi, and a Stereophile recommendation. The price seems right during a COVID economy. Anybody ever try the Cardas Myrtlewood or other types of wood?
Yes, I have a set of the Cardas Myrtlewood. When used under a component, they present no colouration. However, they are highly influenced by the surface they sit upon, IOW if the shelf or platform is a hardwood such as bamboo then the sound becomes lean and the highs are emphasized. If they're on a soft wood, the sound is warmer and the attack is slower. 
I tried them under different components and was never happy with the sound. I don't think they drain vibration or provide isolation. I moved on to other footers and maple platforms.

I also have a set of Bright Star Isonodes, I used them for awhile. I found they worked well under lightweight components. Overall, I preferred Herbies Tenderfeet.
Of course, YMMV.

Actually, I think they may be a good footer for my Node2i.

lowrider, I’m beginning to realize that different feet, under different components, will likely render the best results. I’d certainly like to purchase various types of feet and try them out in various combinations but that’s not economically viable. Testing cables and phono cartridges would be the similar.
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