Isolation feet/pads with minimal verticle height

I just had a cabinet built to house all of my audio equipment. One each shelf, I have two to three compenents stacked one on top of the other, and verticle space is at a premium. I have had to remove some of the rubber feet from several components and replace them with adheivsive-backed plastic feet (with a verticle height of only about .25") in order to fit the components into the cabinet. Unfortunately, I have noticed that the sound (particularly from the CD player) has become harsh, and rather bright. I'm sure that using some sort of isolation device below the CD player will certainly improve the condition, but available height within the cabinet is a problem.

I'm looking for suggestions on what I can use as isolation "pads". Additionally, can "pads" be used at the bottom of say two or three stacked components, and have benificial effects on the top component, or must each component be separated with its own isolation "pad" (which obviously requires additional verticle space). I know about cones, pucks, and bearings, but all of these are far too large vertically. I need something with a minimal top to bottom height.

Any suggestions you may have on either a commercially available product of a "do-it-yourself" solution would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ken G.
You've created a situation that you can't rectify with simple tweaks as far as i know. Not only do you have to worry about resonances / vibrations, but also magnetic fields from transformers, the proximity of AC cords to signal cables, etc...

If you find something that helps minimize the damage done by stacking components like this, please make sure that you share your results. I know others are in this situation and it would be helpful for those folks not able to invest in a "more proper" form of equipment support. Sean
Try vibrapods, but they should be between each component and the are about 2 cm tall.
Herbie's Footers sells the Tenderfoot isolation device which is 1/2" tall and also sells an isolation mat that is 1/4" tall but can be cut to fit. Take a look at their products here

I use the Tenderfoot Footers on my pre & between the modules on my speakers & they work.
I have used the ribbed rubber-faced cork flat blocks from Rcreations, a dealer/member of Audiogon. May be cheapest alternative at $10 for four. Only use three between the two surfaces you are separating. So for $30 you can have four sets. These are in contact with the flat surfaces of the components (not in contact with the original component feet) and do not add much vertical height compared to the original factory feet. Herbie's footers look to be an outstanding alternative in your case where you have almost no vertical room to spare. I have then floated up to a three component stack on single bottom set of Aurios MIB's with further improvement justifying the $100 per set used price. Sounds as if the 1/4 inch Herbie's isolation mat cut to size is all you actually have room for between and beneath each component in your tight rack configuration. I think you will need some isolation between each separate component, as well as beneath the bottom component. How it "sounds" may not be predictable until you actually try something, just as concert hall tuning is not yet a perfect science either.