isolation feet for Luxman PD-441 turntable

Anyone have ideas on what kind of isolation feet might work best under this heavy turntable?  I have it sitting on a solidsteel rack.  Super pods, some kind of spikes/cones?  I'd like to keep this tweak under $200.
Actually the PD-441 is not so heavy, i use two PD-444 turntables with stock feet, why you don’t like them? I think the stock feet designed with the same idea that used in Audio-Technica AT-636 pneumatic suspension insulator (those are very good). Last week i almost finished my own design of turntable rack for Luxman PD-444, it’s not completely finished yet, we’re going step by step. I was inspired by the studio racks for the untimate vintage broadcast machines. 
@bdunne last year another experienced a’gonner (213cobra) and a proud PD444 owner adviced me the following:

My Luxman turntable footers are a multi-product combination.

I use Herbie’s Grungebuster dots with two-sided adhesive... attach four BBC Large Brass Cones ...

on the underside, exactly where the stock footers have been removed.

The receptor socket for the cone point sits perfectly in the top of an Aurios Media Bearing.

Aurios is out of business, so you can watch on Audiogon and Ebay for used sets. You need four. Using a bearing under the turntable is a big part of how to advance the sound of the turntable by abandoning the factory feet.

I’ve never done so, because i don’t like how it looks. I like The Stillpoints, but they are way out of my budget for feet, so i’m fine with Luxman stock feet. Maybe i should try my AT-636 pneumatic insulators, but i think aesthetically it's bad idea for PD444 (which is the best design among the vintage turntables, imo)