Isolation Devices

The question is: do you defeat the function of isolation devices if you put felt pads under themto protect the floors and make the speakers easier to move?. Will this  insulator pad stop the function of the isolation device?

Thanks for any feedback.
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I use Herbies discs under factory spikes under my 160lbs+ speakers and they work well to allow you to move speakers and protect wood floor
Easy solution. Just listen. Get used to the sound with the felt. In a few days remove it to compare. Doing an A/B comparison right away doesn’t work as well.

Horrible solution. Where would this website be if people tried and listened instead of wildly guessing and pontificating? Don't listen to this wild man. Keep posting and asking until you find the one saying what you already decided to do anyway, and then do that, but under no circumstances actually compare by listening. Once you start down that road no telling where it leads.
Hello MillerCarbon:

Thanks for your response, however I disagree with you. To me in the audio world, the key is to " let your ears be the judge".