Isolation Cones/Bearings placement on CD Transport

I would like to know what is the best configuration for placing isolation bearings underneath a CD transport? Should I place 2 devices towards the front of the component and 1 in the back or 1 device in the front and 2 in the back? Are there any audible sonic differences either way? I am going to use a set of Final Lab's DARUMA 3-II isolation bearings on my EAD T-1000 transport. Thanks for the help.
In no way do I mean this to be a flippant reply, but you should just try both arrangements and determine for yourself which you prefer. Your ears with your equipment beats anyone writing and telling you what to do.
There are no exact measurements in placing cones or bearings under a component. Many manufactures do suggest an initial placement, and the rest is up to your listening skills. I have found that a slight movement in placement of a cone can change the soundstage and imaging.
In general, place two on the heavier end and one on the lighter weighted end. Removing existing feet should help. Various placements should also make a difference therefore you need to experiment to see what sounds the best to you.
I'm not sure about isolation bearings, but with spikes/cones/points, the ideal location is to place the 'vibration control object' dirlectly underneath the spindle, and also directly underneath the power supply. And for amps and preamps, the ideal location is always under the power supplies whenever possible.

I believe that weight distribution of the chassis does not really matter as much except in the case of safety where the component can more easily lose it's balance.

Based on my experience with Golden Sound DH Cones. Two cones in the front will increase the width of the sweet spot. One cone in the front will decrease the width of the sweet spot, however, increase the depth of the sound stage.
Generally, I like one cone in the front pointy side up and two cones in the back pointy side down.
I second Stehno's post! Thats always been my understanding on placement too.
Put your main finger on the middle cone and move it topside. Do the opposite for bearings.
mostly what I use. My bearings device are not like yours since I use a DIY recipe ( Diyumas) but they basically do what other commercial devices do.

I would use one right under the spindle, where's more movement is taking place. The other vibrational point is the transformer.

BDiament, from Audio Asylum and maker of another devices, suggest an equilateral triangle and the most separate as posible position. should consider experimentation before deciding where to put them at the end. Make sure they are well balanced, the power cord doesn't make unneccesary preasure against the sides and the base where they will be seated are well balanced.
Thanks for all your replies. I will try the different placement options once I receive my Daruma Bearings. Since I have never used isolation devices before, I just wanted a general guideline before I actually tinker with them. I hope it turns out well.