Isolation and Harsh Highs?

Hello I isolated my tube preamp with some equa footers. I notice a lot more detail and the sound is much cleaner and focused but I also notice the high are now kinda of harsh. Currently my system is on Lovan glass shelves and I have a couple maple platforms coming which will hopefully help matters. I would imagine the isolation revealed some brightness in my system I had not noticed before. Any ideas?

My System is
VPI Scout/Blackbird Cart/SDS/on Ginkgo Cloud 9 Iso platform
Granite Audio 770fp preamp
B and K Reference 2220 Amp
AQ Diamondback IC
Sonus Faber Concetos on sand filled stands
I have heard many people say that glass makes things really bright and can turn into glare. I believe that maple is really the best, which why I use a maple platform for my amp. I wish I had maple shelves for everything!
..even better than maple is lexan - 1 inch thick of medical grade....
Glass makes for a poor shelf since it rings and transmits vibrations so readily.

I read about a tweak in these threads that I have found works really well. Sanford ArtGum erasers. No joke. About $2 for three. I use them under my tube preamp.

Stringreen, what differentiates medical grade lexan, and why would medical grade lexan be preferred in an audio rack application?
I have most of my audio equipment supported by EquaRack footers and the sound is much cleaner and articulate. The lower notes are tight and well defined and the highs are simply pristine. I would definitely try any other material other than glass to support audio equipment.

I currently have a credenza and I'm getting top-notch sound thanks in great part to these footers. I'm sure that the EquaRack footers on the maple platform will do the trick.



If your budget allows, try the Finite Element Ceraball at around $175/set on Agon. This works well my Nuforce amp besting many other alternatives.

Good luck,

..about medical grade lexan....very pure, also very expensive. This stuff is used in heart/lung machines. I made shelves from these, and all of my components are resting very comfortably on them. I tried many, many materials - 30 or so different woods, plastics, metals, etc. Teflon works well, but for my system I like Lexan. I used to sell this stuff to Hi-End shops. Support the shelves with cones - great sound.

Here is a link to an older post where I wrote my impressions comparing the EquaRack footers to Finite Elemente and Stillpoints footers.

Tubes are well known to be microphonic. Microphonics are also more apparent in extremely high gain stages such as in phono amps. Apart from placing things in another room you may likely continue to have some minor issues. (Pink Floyd's studio have the tubes in another room) If it drives you crazy then I'd suggest a solid state phono amp or a line level output source like an appropriately designed CD player which will eliminate microphonics, well below audibility.