isolation and dampening tweaks

Hi all....
i'm looking to improve the performance of my modest tranpsort.
instead of replacing it entirely, i'm looking at some of the isolation cones out there.

can anyone recomend something that performs well but doesnt' cost much?
i'm looking at under $100 for a "kit" to stabilize one componant. I can't see a big advantage to using one on my amp or anything that has no moving parts.
Have a local cabinet maker make you a box, fill it with sand add a floating top, resting on the sand and set your unit on it. I have done it with my tt, cdp and amp. $65 dollars/ea not painted.
Use a good bike inner tube on the sand to float you component and see how you like it. Well first just get the inner tube and place it under your CDP/transport to see if you hear a change that you like.

Happy Listening
DH Golden Sound Cones are the best I ever herd.

Also great with DH Squares.

Good luck.
dampen the inside of the transport..I dampened everything in sight.worked wonders with my arcam 5
use it under your transport. You will love it and will expend less than $15.00 for a set of 3 units.


3 concave door knobs from Home Depot
3 1/2" steel bearings
3 copper end cups ( end caps) from Home Depot
Crazy Glue

Fill each cup with sand
Dip the concave knob into the cups and make pressure
Turn upside-down the cups and add Crazy Glue to the edges
Let them set for about 5 minutes

Place the final product under the transport using a triangle configuration and with them distributed under the moving/vibrating parts first. That is, under the transformres and disc tray area before and use the other one to balance the whole system.

Add some weight over the top of the transport and do some trials.

The picture is on the forum. You will see the cups under the white T device which is a T-Bone Roller , but you don't need this, just the cups with the bearings on top of the cups.

You can e-mail me if you need asistance.

Good luck,

Well, I've used all kinds of cones, Aurios, Vibrapods, Myrtle wood- you name it. Best bang for the buck? Black Diamond Racing cones, 3 to a set, $60.00 per set.

Highly Recommended.
thanks everyone.
I've got some bike tubes sitting in front of me that I tried to use for a tweak to float the top half of my VR4s. looked good, but made the tops a little wobbly, and that's unacceptable w/a toddler in the house.
Sorry, I cut the name of the devices. DIYUMAS...that's their name.