Isolation Advice Needed

Hello, moving to a new home later this summer. The new house has suspended floors (wood over crawl space). No noticeable bounciness or floor deflection but so far I've lived in homes with concrete floors, so walking on the floor was subconscious activity. In the new house my steps are louder when I walk. So not sure what to expect when I setup my system in the new house.

I have all tube system housed in a Salamander rack. Any forewarning of unwanted vibrations creeping into the system and ways to mitigate them is greatly appreciated.


Current System...

Rega P6 (Audiomods Series VI/Shelter 501)

Aesthetix Rhea Sig. tube Phono

Graaf GM-50B Tube integrated

Wilson Benesch ACT Speakers (with Gaia II feet)


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The equipment I listed in my original post are only the ones that I thought were VERY sensitive to vibrations. I have the following additional components ...


1) Tandberg TD20A SE (Reel-to-Reel)

2) Tandberg TCD-3014A x 2 (Cassette decks)

3) Oppo BDP-105

4) Sony 75ES DAT

5) Genesis Digital Lens

6) Benchmark DAC

7) ExactPower EP15A



I am an enthusiast of Symposium Acoustics products.  The owner, Peter, is easily available to speak with by calling them direct.  He will guide you very well, regarding your particular situation and needs.  Symposium offers a turntable specific platform called the Segue ISO.  This platform is made of the constrained layer design, like all Symposium platforms, and also uses springs which are available in several sizes as needed per the weight of the turntable.  The Segue ISO comes in several standard sizes as well as can be ordered by any custom size that you may need.  Try contacting Peter and see if he has to offer what will satisfy your needs.   The website is very helpful and detailed.  Certainly worthy of your effort.  Best to you.

@livin_262002, don't know how you feel about the possibility of a wall mount for the TT but that is one consideration to consider if  you decide it needs isolation. Nothing wrong with that P6! That is one nice TT. Just needs to be placed on something rock steady because of that low-mass design.

Back in the day (i.e.  early 70's), I had my eye on a Tandberg R2R and, also, a Revox.  I would have loved to buy one of those things but couldn't afford a good one. So, I settled for a Craig, at the time, which lasted a very long time before I had to put it out to pasture.

All the best!

Man, I should have skipped this thread. Now, I am thinking of crawling under my house to brace what I absolutely know needs to be braced. The house was built in 1930 and code was something that only Morse knew. There are a few soft spots in the wood floor in 3 locations in different rooms and one of them is close to the audio system.

Well In a room I had before putting new carpet down I glued  and screwed 3/4 MDf to the floor a screw every eight inches bothways. That ended all the bounce in the floor I started doing that before laying ceramic tile floors in different homes a tile layer I knew told to reinforce the floors that way so the tiles didn't nearly. So I carried that idea with me before I layed the carpet down in that stereo room. As others have pointed out it maybe worth your time to reinforce the floors from underneath. I would do the extra layer in the floor if you can get them to do it before they lay the rug. Personally if they haven't done the drywall I would have them use 5/8 fire rated it is much more dense. Those are just ideas if you get a chance to have it done before they finish the room. Really not too much money that way.