Isolation accessories for heavy amp?

What do you use to isolate heavy amps? I have a Proceed AMP 5 for the home theater, it weighs about 120 lbs. I've got the DVD player and pre-pro on sorbethane feet, but the weight of the amp would crush that stuff to goo. Do isolation cones work? Amp stand?
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Try regulation Hockey Pucks $1 each. Or, use vibrapods
you can use sorbothane round isolation pads and stack them. with the proper duromrter eight to ten pads should do. check my ad under sorbothane .
I use a Sound Anchor stand w/Audiopoints on the stand and between my ARC VT100 MkIII and the stand. On my ARC CA-50, I use Black Diamond Racing Cones screwed into the Black Diamond pucks underneath, sitting on a Salamander Synergy stand. On my Acurus 125x5, i use Audiopoints underneath, w/amp sitting on a glass shelf in an audiovideo rack. I really love and recommend Audiopoints. If your amp has feet, you can unscrew the stock feet and buy Audiopoints of the same thread size for a perfect fit. I've done this w/two heavy subwoofers and the improvement in the bass tones was amazing. I also think they work wonders under heavy pieces like power amps.
My 90 lb. McCormack amp uses sorbothane feet at the front of the amp, and a single spike at the rear-- sounds contradictary, but it works very well. In your case, you could do this with vibrapods (or something similar) at the front and single or double cone spikes at the rear. As noted, Steve McCormack designed a system like this into ALL his amps-- and Steve McCormack was a pioneer in vibration control, eg he "invented" the famous "Tiptoes". I also put my amp on a Sanus spiked amp stand (from Audio Advisor) that will easily handle a 120 lb. amp. Cheers. Craig.
Vibrapods on the rack, a Black Diamnod shelf on top of the Vibrapods, then perhaps even spikes between the B.D. shelf & the component. Use of the cones &/or which cone composition is a matter of sonic preference; sometimes no cones at all works better.