Isolating Thorens TD160 turntable?

I have a Thorens TD160 which has a spring-suspended sub chassis which makes it very responsive to vibrations. I currently have it in a very stable location in the listening room which isolates it very well from footfalls and other jarring activity. But, it is in a very inconvenient location making it difficult to gain access, and consequently, I'm discouraged from using it regularly.

I would like to relocate it to the top of the wooden equipment cabinet that holds my electronics, and in fact, there is a space for it. However, whenever I've put it on top of the cabinet in the past - experimenting with cones, Vibrapods, V-pads (like Mapleshade "isoblocks") or various combinations - the TT remains highly sensitive to room vibrations and the arm/cartridge bounce like a rubber ball even as I tiptoe away from the cabinet. A wall-mounted TT bracket is out of the question in that location.
In the past I've had a solid plinth non-suspended TT on the top of my cabinet and never had a problem.

Is there any way to isolate a suspended TT in my cabinet-top location to create a relatively vibratin-free set-up?
I have been experimenting with this recently without the best of luck. I created a sand isloation box & still found footfall vibration problems. I then installed some cut raquetballs underneath the sand box & found the footfall vibrations to be less but once the turntable get's moving it keeps moving. I am thinking of trying some sorbothane pucks instead of the raquetballs next.
Do you have wooden Floors over a basement? I have an old Ariston RD 11 S, ( quite similar to org. Linn LP 12). Had it mounted on the wall, changed eq. stands and exp. similar problems, until i put 2 Lollycollums under the floor. Now the floor doesn't bounce anywhere near like it used to. I would hear glasses tinkle in a cabinet when walking in the room. no longer. Now having the TT on a VibroPod shelve sandwitch takes out some of the minor litlle bumps. Now we can walk and breath with confidence while the TT is on- just not too hard.
try it with the original feet first. the heavy platter can take a lot