Isolating my speaker stands

Hi all, I live in an old house that has floating wood floors. As you can well imagine, it is an acoustical nightmare. I have my Signature S2 speakers sitting on stands that are supported by spikes, even though it's a hard wood floor with no carpeting. Would I benefit from replacing the spikes with something like sorbothane pads to help decouple the entire system from the floor? I just ordered a Subdude for my sub in hopes that it will help with the bass. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Something like Herbies footers would do the trick. That's what I use.
The possibilities are endless. Hockey pucks under the stands are very cheap and decouple to a degree. Inflatable rubber tubes are better if you can find any that fit but stability is a problem. Roller bearings are good but can also have stability problems.
Concrete patio slabs.
Two foot diameter 2" thick round ones are about 80lbs each.
Painted black they look decent.
I used that for my Infinity RSIIa speakers years ago.

Variations available. Granite slabs? Cut and polished would be spectacular.
Spike the slab, speaker on slab, no more issues.