Isolating CDP from weak wood floor

My CDP skips (alot) when my 25lb son dances on the wood floor in front of it (weak joists). I have a solid Manna rack and use MIB bearings under the CDP, but there is really no up/down isolation. I've also tried nothing, bubble wrap and some thick rubber/cork feet--no dice. I just looked at some Solid-Tech discs of silence, which seem like they might work- Before I shell out the $$, I thought I'd see if anyone else has faced this problem. Thanks. D
Someone in these threads mentioned using gel filled wrist pads, designed for people who use computers. He placed two of them under his turntable and found they provided excellent isolation from vibration. They are inexpensive. Might be worth a try under your CDP.
If your system is on the first floor with a crawl space below, your best bet would be to buy some screw jacks or house jacks and place them between joists in question and the ground.
Can't you strengthen the floor from underneath?
I have one spot in my music room that if anyone bounces on it, my CD players skip - unless I use some Artgum erasers. Nothing else has worked like them. You can find them at hobby/craft stores for like $0.80 a piece. This brand is the softest and so cheap it is at least worth a try.

Assuming you have a house & not an apartment. Get yourself a floorjack or two. All your compoents will thank you.
Skipping CD players is something I just can't understand. Mine don't. Even the ones in my cars when I go over the world class pot holes we have in western Mass.
I had in a previous home the same problem (the same Mana racks also then) which was solved ultimately through the following tweak :

Focal pods on the Mana shelf / 15mm perspex (acrylic) shelf / pulsar points under the cd player. I had the focal pods and pulsar points already so it was a cheap (but ultimately successful) solution.

My 90kg's proved not a problem on the old wooden floor after that !
Thanks for the quick turnaround everyone. I appreciate it. In the interests of full disclosure, I need to redo my foundation entirely and re-sister (as they already have been sistered) the joists. My dirt floor basement looks like a convention of drunken screwjacks, standing only because they're nailed to 2x4s. But there are none on the joists under the stereo. Might be time to shift some of the stereo fund to the house fund. I'm going to try the artgum idea and the screwjacks. GSM, I'm holding your solution in reserve.

I really appreciate the help and will report back.
Before spending a lot of cash try mounting the cdp over a bicycle inner tube with just enough air to keep it suspended. Isolate the rack with soft rubber like gum rubber. Also try gum rubber or sorbothane under the cdp. You want to stay away from any hard materials often sold as isolation devices.
Disc, install a jack or two under the offending joist. That's what did to cure a problem similar to yours, only with skipping turntable.
I am sorry to hear that your floor is so weak. Perhaps it is time to consider having the floor or at least it's support, (beams, joists whatever those things are), being professionaly redone altogether. Drunken Screw Jacks make me a bit concerned. Sorry about the down side of things being brought up, but what if the whole family is moved to dance to the music. OH No Mr. Bill.....
Mount on the wall
This may seem like overkill, but, Pedrillo has an amazing turntable and hangs equipment from the ceiling with bungee cords to isolate it

Here is the turntable:

Do you live in Springfield?
Eldartford said:
"Skipping CD players is something I just can't understand. Mine don't. Even the ones in my cars when I go over the world class pot holes we have in western Mass."

Eldartford, the player reads ahead on the disc and stores 30 seconds (or more) worth of sound (which is nothing more than digital computer data) in a little, built-in memory buffer and play's the sound from that memory buffer.

When the CD player takes enough of a jolt to interrupt the laser's ability to read the data from the CD, the buffer empties until the laser picks up again and refills the buffer.
Automotive valve springs. Preferably, not performance ones. Glue them to a MDF, acrylic or marble top, to keep it from toppling over.

Haven't tried this yet but my CDP will skip on bass notes if I turn up the volume. I just haven't turned it up that much in a while.

Most industrial isolation is springs and they're spec'd for the weight. Ideally, they'll compress 50% to 75% their range for the given weight.
Frank_sm...Using a buffer which can be clocked out precisely seems to me to be the obvious right way to implement a digital disc player, but I'm told that they don't work that way. Supposedly the data is converted dirctly from the disc reading, which is why disc transport imperfections cause the dreaded jitter.