Isolated Grounding

I'm planning on running a dedicated line to my audio room. I would like to run a isolated ground to a ground rod. From my main breaker to the room is approximately 60'. I plan on putting the ground rod approximately 10' from the new outlet (Wattagate). This means I would have two conductors (hot and neutral) from my main breaker and then the IG to the ground rod. Any potential problems with the isolated ground and the house ground since the neutral line is tied back to the main house ground. Are there potential ground loops? Any recommendation (stranded/solid?) on the feeder wire from the main breaker and the wiring to the ground rod. I'm planning at on using at least 10 awg.
I did what you intend to do, first (foolishly) with 12 gauge solid wire, then with 10 gauge, and upping the gauge made a big difference. I had no ground loop problems, but I'm using a Cinepro Line Balancer. Its designer, Eric Abraham, could advise you on your isolated ground. He recommended mine to me. His Web site is easy to find: www.cinepro,com?
Tom: did you find the most difference in the amp power availability? I´m running two separate 110 volts lines from the main box with 12 gauge each, one for the amp and another for front end components and have been considering increasing gauge for the amp line.Any comments
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