Isolated Ground Wiring question......?

I want to run a dedicated line for audio, I want this line to be an Isolated Ground Line, so I do Not pick up unwanted noise.

I was under the impression that when using an Orange receptical for Iso Ground:

1. The black wire goes from the breaker to the gold screw on the receptical.
2. The white wire goes from the grounding bar in the breaker box to the silver screw on the receptical.
3. The insulated red wire with (Green identification markings) goes from the grounding bar in the breaker box to the Green screw on the receptical.

My Question is....What do You do with the Bare Copper Wire?

Is it used at all?
I suspect Not because it would then be connected to the Building Ground like all the rest of the house wiring, and therefore defeat the purpose of the Isolated Ground.

Please Help, I am getting conflicting advice.

Billy V
Isolated ground recepticles are to be mounted in metal boxes so that the recepticle yoke (via the captive screw clip and the mounting screw) are grounded by a seperate grounding means than the "U" terminal. In your case the bare copper wire (romex multistrand?) is connected to a 10-32 green grounding screw added to the back of the metal box.

In installations using metal (thinwall) conduit the conduit acts as the seperate grounding means.
Greetings Billy, It sounds like you got x3w/ground instead of x2w/ground. Substitute the awg for the "x". You have the white and black correct but the bare copper wire is usually used for ground. In this case you can use the bare copper for the ground and hook it up on the ground bar on the pannel and the green screw on the outlet and leave the red unattached or you can get by a little less expensive if you go with 10-2w/ground instead of 10-3w/ground. I recommend you use at least 10awg and use at least a 20 amp breaker. I hope this helps. Happy Listening! John