Anyone heard of these guys? They make an "OEM RB1000" arm that looks exactly like the Rega, but I'm assuming it's a knockoff of some sort. Any experience with any of their products?
It looks to me like he's copied the Rega RB-1000 product specifications from their website. I would ask how he polished the yolk and tonearm without taking the tonearm apart and disrupting Rega's strict assembly guidlines. It seems like a fair question, especially given the cost.

it is not possible to make a knock off rega tonearm

the ISOkinetik ISO 1000 is OEM 1000 tonearm as with other tonearms from the range supplied to turntable manufacturers including ISOkinetik, origin live, michel, moth etc

It is one of the tonearm options available on the new ISOkinetik Modular One turntable which has just been reviewed favourably by UK magazine HI FI world

The reviewer liked the turntable so much he bought the review turntable

the Modular One is also available with Jelco St-250, and 750d also ISO 251, 301, 700 tone arms

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