Isoclean power bars

I am about to purchase an Isoclean power filter.
I consider 104II and 105F II models.
From Isoclean web site I see that the only difference between those two is the noise filter in 105FII.
What are the sonic differences and which one is better choice?
Has anyone compared them side by side?
Your advise/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
I am familiar with Isoclean products but with the bars you mentioned. If you'll be using them for Digital, get the one with the filter. For amps, use the one without the filter.

I tried the bigger ones 60A3 and they do very well with digital components. They also make incredible power cords.

Hope it helps.
Kdbg00, I have a 106 Power Bar and had an 80A3. I have seen the 105F and the ICP 204 Power Bar. The 106 Power Bar just contains three double outlets in the solid copper box. Each level up includes more filtering with the 80A3 being the top filtering unit.

I retain the 106 because it lacks filtering. Ultimately, in my system I preferred no filtering with only the line stage having a ground. Filtering depends on having an ac ground.