Isoacoustics Gaia Speaker Footers

Replacing the spikes in my Soundocity outriggers (Soundocity made me a set of outriggers with threaded holes) with the Isoacoustics Gaia 2 footers has improved the sound of my Merlin VSM speakers.  They now sound more open and articulate than with any combination of Z-feet or other spikes, with or without outriggers, on the floor or on a platform, that I've tried.  Like the Townshend products the Gaia footers completely decouple the speakers from the floor, allowing them to float.  See:

Belmontjoe, you would be okay with the Gaia 2 which are rated to 120 lbs you are close enough in weight. 

They are awesome. 
bdp24, a friend of mine was looking for a set of three and couldn't find any. He ended up buying two sets of four. 
Just ordered the Gaia 1 for my Focal Sopra 3s. Looking forward to them but wondering how hard its going to be to put them on. The speakers are pretty big and heavy
Thanks zman. Of course, if one buys three sets of four, he will have four sets of three! Perfect for a set of main speakers and dual subs.