Isoacoustics Gaia Speaker Footers

Replacing the spikes in my Soundocity outriggers (Soundocity made me a set of outriggers with threaded holes) with the Isoacoustics Gaia 2 footers has improved the sound of my Merlin VSM speakers.  They now sound more open and articulate than with any combination of Z-feet or other spikes, with or without outriggers, on the floor or on a platform, that I've tried.  Like the Townshend products the Gaia footers completely decouple the speakers from the floor, allowing them to float.  See:

We are now an Isoacoustics dealer, and can attest to your findings

We never got to test the gaias, our rep only brought the new pucks which are only $30 each  where you would use 3 or 4 for each components.

Our demo was to put 3 pucks under a pair of ATC SCM 19 monitors which were sitting on heavy metal stands filled with sand.

The difference was mind blowing, and all four people in the room heard the differences which were not subtitle.

The Isoacoustics opened up the sound stage, focused the image and mage everything more dynamic and tightend up the bass.

I have never heard this magnitude of improvement from such an inexpensive line of products.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor
By far the best "tweak" ever.  Hands down.

Yeah Contuzzi we just ordered like four sets

we are putting them under our Kef Blades
                                                  Persona 9H
                                                  Legacy Focus Signatures
                                                  Persona 3F
 and we bought a zillion sets of pucks to put under components.

The demo was amazing. We tried 3 pucks vs older style Stillpoints and the pucks seemed to me in a brief demo to outperfom the Stillpoints at a franction of the price.

I hope that more people in the industry will start to talk about this product.

The design is not just about isolation, but rather than to coordinate the speakers motion in one plane which is the back and forth axiss to the motion of the drivers is coordinated with any relative motion of the cabinet, which better couples the drivers wave launch into the room. 

What a brilliant and elegant little device. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor
I picked up a set of GAIA I for my B&W 800D2’s after hearing the demo at AXPONA.

I will report my findings once I install them later this week. 

If you hear what we heard, you should be thrilled, I know of no other product at that price point which can make such a dramatic improvement in a system, as you can see, we are putting Gaia's on many of our most popular demo speakers. 

I am expecting big things, especially with the Persona 9Hs I think they will also make the Legacy's even more remarkable sounding. 

Please let us know your findings. We just got our first set of Gaias for the Persona 9H today, I will be assisting Dave install them tomorrow, if I can skip out of my office early.

Fun times.

Audio Doctor
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How about a report regarding the pucks under various audio components?
Which components offered the best bang for the buck?
What improvements were heard?
@lak , I was told that ISO-PUCKS won't be available for another month. I ordered 6 sets to tried them out under different components. 

I drooled over HRS Nimbus and other uber expensive isolators for a while. I hope to put an end to my search with ISO-PUCKS :-)
What is the weight capacity of the ISO-PUCK? Competition to the Townshend Seismic puck!
Each Puck with a weight bearing capability of 20lbs, 3 or 4 of them can be combined to support the weight of a product requiring isolation.
Great, kinda glad I haven't sprung for the Townshends yet. Hope they're as effective.
Just did our first demo with the Gaia. We put a set under a set of ATC SCM 40 and the difference was rather profound.

The bass was dramatically deeper and tighter, the macro dynamics were greatly increased. This was the biggest difference voices also floated better.

I will say that if your speakers are 70lbs or so a set of Gaia 3 for $400 a pair will be your best audio upgrade. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor
Which model would you recommend for Salk SoundScape 8 speakers? How defined are the weight ranges -- could I squeeze by on Gaia II  with speakers at 126 lbs or would I need to pay double to get Gaia I?
Belmontjoe, you would be okay with the Gaia 2 which are rated to 120 lbs you are close enough in weight. 

They are awesome. 
Are the Gaia available in sets of three rather than four?
bdp24, a friend of mine was looking for a set of three and couldn't find any. He ended up buying two sets of four. 
Just ordered the Gaia 1 for my Focal Sopra 3s. Looking forward to them but wondering how hard its going to be to put them on. The speakers are pretty big and heavy
Thanks zman. Of course, if one buys three sets of four, he will have four sets of three! Perfect for a set of main speakers and dual subs.
Finally, I received my special order of B&W 800D2's mounting plates. The installation of GAIA 1's was a breeze (actually fun). I was done under 45 minutes. And boy, the improvements were immediate....I am hearing better bass, wider soundstage and much much better focus. The speakers seems to have disappeared from the room. 

I highly recommend GAIA's to anyone using OEM isolation feet. I just ordered two more sets of GAIA III for my rear 804D2 speakers.  
I'm part of the North American Focal home loudspeaker distributor team, as well as the IsoAcoustic Importer - so warning, lest anyone think I'm stepping in and trying to be the least bit commercial, I'll recuse myself now and ask everyone who's sensitive to these sorts of things to stop reading.  

That out of the way; I do have direct experience installing Gaia 1's into Sopra 3's. Here are those installation experiences:
  • Place Sopra's in as close to the final location in your room as possible - the Sopra 3's with Gaia's, once installed, are harder to move around than before.
  • If you have carpets with even a low lvel of loft, use teh Gaia 1 spiked cups - these FIRMLY anchor the Gaia to the floor and deliver best sound by stabilizing and reducing horizontal motion induced by driver motion/air pressure
  • To remove the shipped spikes that ship with the Sopra #3 (Or #2), you'll need to take an allen key and unscrew the bottom rails about ten turns that attach the loudspeaker to the glass base plate - both sides front and rear, so the distance from the glass plate to the speaker cabinet increases — then you'll be able to fully unscrew the existing spike that comes with the speaker and screw in the Gaia. Once they are out, retighten the base to the cabinet - keep in mind the base is glass so don't over-torque the allen key as you could possibly crack the glass.
  • Something of importance I've not read so far in this blog, but hinted at by Audio Dr - these Gaia's are DIRECTIONAL — meaning you need to pay attention to the orientation of the feet relative to the orientation of the speakers cabinet.  There's a notch cut into the stainless steel cup right above the IsoAcoustic name that either needs to point forward, or to the rear - do NOT orient this notch at a 90 degree right or left.  Just facing forward, or backwards.  Use the supplied knurled round thumb spacers to create rake angles if needed.
  • While IsoAcoustic does supply their Gaia range of stabilizers with set of four different threaded inserts, if your speakers require a different pitch or thread type, just call our office and ask to speak with Eric or Michael and we will send you a set that fits your speakers.
  • I also read a comment asking why we sell these in sets of four and not three.  More speakers have sets of four holes in their bases/plinth than three.  The question really is, why do we sell them in 4's and not 8's?  If you have a subwoofer you don't need 8.
  • * WARNING — Subjectively speaking — I've been in the audio business since 1981. Rarely have I run across an accessory that so increases all the aspects of reproduced sound my system is capable of reproducing, than these feet.  I have them on my speakers at home; I can't imagine not having them.
My finest regards - J.Bevier / Audio Plus Services
J. Bevier---Guitar Center is an IsoAcoustic dealer. Will the GAIA and Iso-Puck be available from them? Has the Iso-Puck started shipping yet?
I read on the IsoAcoustic News page that they are making more thread sizes available to their dealer network.  Does anyone know what thread sizes are available?  I need 3/8" 16.
This is my first day (and night) listening to my system and speakers via the Isoacoustics Gaia IIIs. My speakers are extremely modest compared to the rest of my system since  I've always been a "great speakers can't fix what's messed up in a previous component or interface" kinda person.

The Gaias took over from Herbie's screw-in glider feet (which are otherwise excellent, btw) on a very well constructed wooden floor.

I've been going through all my reference cuts (and yes, many are more sound-quality oriented than performance-quality oriented--I don't have the energy to list them here), especially those with challenging bass, spatial or other system challenges.

My results mirror those of the various magazine reviews you can find of the Gaias (e.g., Stereophile, Audiostream, HiFi+ and Audiopig), tighter, more extended bass, a larger and more clearly delineated sound stage, lowered noise floor, improved instrumental texture and better articulated edges (attack) of percussive instruments. I would venture to say that the Isoacoustic Gaia III's sonic impact is more along the lines of a component change rather than what might be characterized merely as a "tweak" and, believe me, this particular audiophool is fond of his tweaks!
These are incredible . Best 600 clams ever spent on audio . A isoacoustics rep at RMAF 2017 was saying new devices for components are coming . Anybody know when ? Or has anybody used the pucks on dacs , preamps , ect...