Isoacoustics Gaia III for Focal Aria 936s my next tweak?

I am thinking about getting some Isoacoustics Gaia IIIs for my Focal Aria 936s. Do any of you have this combination? The website says that they are for speakers up to 72 lbs and the Aria 936 is 64 lbs. It should work right? Not so fast. When you type everything in their calculator it says to use the Gaia IIs for best results. If any of you are using the Gaia IIIs on the 936s I would like to hear what you think about them.
I'm using the Gaia IlI's on a speaker that weighs about the same, PSB Imagine T2s's. They are working fine for me. The bass is much tighter, midrange more defined and evident, than it was when the T2's were simply placed on large sorbothane disks over a suspended oak floor.
Thank you for that information tump350! I appreciate you sharing your experience.
Any GAIA users on carpet?  I know Isoacoustics sells as an option what the call carpet discs (or something similar) that the footers rest on.

Wondering if they work as well on carpet as on hard floors?
If the Isoacoustic Gaias are like their Oreas for gear, then you'd want to use about 75% of the weight limit of the footer and not anything approaching 90% or more.

I found this out by too many trials trying to get the best out of them.

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If you can afford it, Townshend Podiums are a lot better. See the recent threads where guys went from Gaia to Podiums.
Thanks @millercarbon, I think I’m going to pass through the Gaia first. I can always use them on my second system if I upgrade to the Townshends later.
Again very disturbing marketing.  Speakers can certainly get floor resonances going and they will do it solidly connected to the floor or not along with resonances in the ceilings, windows, walls and so forth. Just play a bass heavy number and put your hand on the wall and you will feel it resonate. All this resonance alters the frequency response of the system and is best corrected by room control not these feet which are terribly non specific and unpredictable even though they are specified for certain weight ranges. With a good room control system you can see exactly what is happening and correct it exactly. The feet are stone age technology. Yes, they might change the sound but there is no way you can tell if for better or for worse. Get a calibrated measurement microphone and an impulse testing program and you can see exactly what they do which will be not a whole lot. When you see the frequency response of your system in your room you will probably get nauseated. 
I guess that's why tons of recording studios use them.
And swear by them. And they use all sorts of room control.
They're all in on it.

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MC, have you tried the GAIA footers or are you just blowing smoke up our a**?   I ask because the GAIA II are being used under my GE Triton Reference speakers and it was well worth the $600.00 for my speakers.  Bass tightened up a lot and the bass was already tight and the mid bass is much better.  Unless you have actually used those footers, your statement has a lot of holes in it. 
I agree that DSP is the most effective and comprehensive way to properly address room acoustics these days if one is up for it as opposed to pot shot point solutions of the past like these. Dinosaurs!
MC, have you tried the GAIA footers or are you just blowing smoke up our a**? 

Here's what I said, word for word, in full:
If you can afford it, Townshend Podiums are a lot better. See the recent threads where guys went from Gaia to Podiums. 

Did you read the threads? Maybe you should. Before spouting off. But then you would have to read people who actually compared said Townshend are a lot better. Which is what I said. Which is based on what they said. Read it and weep.

Now my question to you is, have you compared? Or are YOU just blowing smoke up our a**?

Just acquired a couple sets of the Gaia II's and carpet spikes for my speakers and they transformed them considerably, top is much more detailed, mids are more pronounced and sound more realistic and the bottom end tightened up quite a bit more. Can't say enough good things for this tweak.

Congrats, you have experienced the same as I when I first used them.  I returned the carpet spikes, did nothing other than keeping the speakers from moving.