IsoAcoustics GAIA footers: impressions

I have Spatial Audio M4TM speakers which were spiked to the thick carpet in my room.  I got the GAIA footers with the carpet spikes this week and got them installed today.  They are fiddly as hell to install, requiring a narrow needle-nose pliers to cinch down the nuts securely. 

I have been listing to my system for a few hours with them installed and from the get-go, the SQ improvement was readily apparent. There is an enhanced vividness to the music with more pronounced leading edges to musical notes and a more life-like decay to the notes that makes the sound more engaging.  I am very impressed with the SQ improvement which is far from subtle to my ears.  I previously auditioned the SVS footers and they clearly degraded the sound of my system. 

These footers have garnered lots of praise in the audio community and at $680 for them, it was an expensive tweek, but my ears are really happy with revisiting familiar recordings and loving the sound ever more than before.  I am aware in reading reviews that a fair number of folks trying them were not impressed, but Music Direct and others permit a 30-day money-back trial if they don't work in your system.  At any rate, it seems appropriate to share my impressions of them with you folks as they are quite amazing in my system.
@spiritofmusic   Thank you for your helpful and detailed response. Your experience is encouraging me to do the same comparison, though on my amps.
I am using these inexpensive isolation pads under my Don Sachs' tube amp and I sense a bit lower sound floor to the music, but it might well be "confirmation bias."  At any rate, they are worth a try.
@david_ten RevOPods can absolutely be used under components or speakers.
My company, Liquid HiFi, recently became the US Distributor for RevOPods.  I have placed them under a wide variety of components and speakers and I would be pleased to help you get the most from your setup.
Feel free to contact me ron at liquidhifi dot com
thank you
@buff  Ron, thanks for reaching out and for letting me know.

I've added your web address in my reminders for follow up.
I use 4 RevOPods under each of my 2 REL Carbon Limited subs. I had a hard time finding an adaptor screw thread size that would work with the REL's. RevOPods has a multitude of screw sizes and had the one I needed. BIG improvement over stock feet! They are small, look great, easy to adjust and level and most importantly tightened up the bass. They are made of a hard material but have a somewhat flat surface that meets the floor. I was worried they would scratch my hardwood floors but they don't. I can move the subs around without damaging my floors and don't need to use cups or pads under them. Very satisfied.