IsoAcoustics, B&W 805D3, and Harbeth 30.2

I own a pair of Bowers and Wilkins 805 D3 speakers. These speakers are incredibly clear, transparent, and detailed. Great soundstage. Fantastic reviews by Stereophile and Absolute Sound among others. However, as some have pointed out, these speakers can occasionally seem a little bright.

I recently obtained a pair of Harbeth 30.2 Anniversary speakers to audition alongside the 805's.  In comparison, the Harbeths have a fuller mid-range, but lose some detail and soundstage separation compared to the 805's. Both very good, but quite different sounds.

So.... I just purchased two sets of IsoAcoustics Gaii III isolation feet for speakers. I installed these on the B&W 805 D3 stands. What an AMAZING transformation! Any brightness is gone, the mid-range and upper bass are much fuller, the overall sound is more integrated, while the transparency remains, and the detail is even greater! The 805's now have everything the Harbeths have, and more.

The point of this post is the amazing effect of the IsoAcoustics on the Bowers & Wilkins 805 D3's. Transformed very good speakers into great speakers. Would like to try the IsoAcoustics on the Harbeths, but not really feasible with the TonTrager stands.

A new believer in isolation feet!


 I have Harbeth 30.1 with custom stands that are very similar to TonTrager. I was considering IsoAcoustics Gaii but not sure why you think they're not feasible. 

Not sure how to mount the Gaii's on Ton Trager stand since the Gaii's have threaded studs. Seemingly, would have to drill into stand legs and insert threaded receiver?
To try isolation on the Ton Trager stands for the Harbeths would require drilling holes in the bottom of the stand legs unless I am missing something.
Gareetnts, I also used the IsoAcoustics on my outriggers on my Joseph Audio Pearl 20/20's. I had great results too. It tightened the overall presentation. I used a SS Acorn nut to finish the top of the threads as they came through the top of the outrigger. 
Can you tell me where you placed the feet on the stands? Did you replace the bottom feet of the stand or on the platform? Did you raise the back feet to angle the tweeter? I have 805d3 and interested. Thanks 
@ falmgren

My 805D3's are on the factory B&W stands. I replaced the feet that came with the factory stand directly with the IsoAcoustic feet. The IsoAcoustic feet screw directly into the threaded  bottom of the stands. Once installed, the IsoAcoustic feet can me easily adjusted to level or tilt the speaker stands.

I am not sure how the feet could have made a difference to the treble.  Usually better feet would tighten up the bass, but I don't quite understand its affect on the treble.  Hm...
Do you put a set of Oreas between the speaker and the stand, or a set of Gaias between the stand and the floor?

There doesn't seem to be much of a consensus on this question.  

I used Gaias between the stand and wood floor. I used bluetack between the stand and the speakers screwed onto the stand.