Isoacoustic pucks under equipment or platform

I have some thick granite slabs I want to use to help isolate my equipment, my question for best results Do I put the pucks under the granite and then set the electronics on top of the granite or set the pucks between the electronics and the granite?
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It doesn’t matter much, whatever makes you feel that sounds the best. Maybe do some a/b testing :-D 
 I would say pucks between the granite and the component.
I tired the Oreas, which are sort of like the Pucks, in direct contact with the underside of the gear, in lots of places, before settling on directly under the gears footers, atop the base.

All the best,
I believe in trial and error (experimentation in other words to find what sounds best to your ears). With that said I have found Isoacoustic pucks under your equipment, and possibly a lesser expensive rubber cork rubber squares under the granite shelves should your rack allow you to try that.