Isoacoustic isolators Vs Daedalus Audio did isolators

Title says all. Anyone compare these two and what types of equipment used? Looking for feedback on use with a variety of audio sources; amps, preamp, CD players, phono amps, etc., and any fidelity changes; good, bad, or indifferent. 
The both seem like good products. Thanks in advance. 
If you want the best get Critical Mass Center Stage 2 11/2 inch they are the best by far i have tried many.Good luck.
I posted this on another thread but it should help you in deciding:

I use the Orea footers and am, for the foreseeable future, not going to do anything  else to my system. The Oreas are that good.

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audioquest4life, if vibration effected electronic devises our military jets and vehicles would be in big trouble. 
The best solution is a sturdy enclosed cabinet. I personally do not like open racks and I do not put my equipment any where near the speakers except the mono amps but they are separated from the speakers by a 15" floor. They are on a shelf up against the ceiling in the basement below. 
If your system is on a concrete floor more vibrational energy travels through the air and none of these devices protect equipment from that. An sturdy enclosed cabinet will to some degree. 
Experiment concluded. Too much is too much...adding these devices under all of my source components made it too spritzy and sterile. Removed them from sources except for power supply and all was well in the world again. When your system is capable of ultra high resolution and you know it’s idiosyncrasies, each minor change can either be a positive or negative improvement. For me, too many of these devices was too much. My floor is also concrete but probably 12-13 inches thick and the bamboo flooring is glued down.