IsoAcoustic Gaia III with Focal Sopra 2

I purchased the Gaia III from upscale audio for use with the focal sopra 2 speakers. 
Is it possible to thread these into the Sopra 2's? The thread size seems much too small. It looks like a thread large enough for the Sopras would be too large to fit in the Gaias. 
I have an email into IsoAcoustic as well so will post those results when I hear but thought I'd ask the community here too their experience since it seems very many have the Gaias.
"I have an email into IsoAcoustic as well so will post those results"

^^^ That's your answer.

 I had the same problem and chose to Email them as a last resort. I went to local big box stores, machine supply, etc... with no luck. I was at my wits end and finally Emailed them. They were VERY accommodating. Could not have been easier.  

Good luck
I have the Gaia ll’s and I thought the same but they come with 3 thread sizes. Metric 8, 1/4”, and Metric 6. The 6 seemed small but fit my Spatial M3 Sapphires. I would imagine one of the threads would work. The Gaia literature even has Focal speakers pictured.
I am using the Gaia 1. They came with the appropriate size treaded inserts.
I think the Sopra 2's need the larger size. (they are about 140lbs each)

Can someone tell me how to remove the existing screws in the sopras base? I seem to cant figure how to unscrew them as the screw is too long and comes up to the speaker cabinet? Thanks for the help. 
I have gaia iii i have sitting around. Im thinking of trying on the sopra 3 to see if ot helps with sound. The weight dispersion between each should acommadate the weight of the speakers. Of course gaia 1s were made and im sure work the best for the size of my speaker but its worth the try as they just sit unused in my cabinet 😆 thanks guys
If I remember correctly, I think I had to separate the base screws from the speaker a little to get the original footer screws out. But, don’t go entirely on my memory contact ISO acoustics they can instruct you.
I also think with the weight of your speakers the Gai lll’s will not exhibit their benefit.

As ozzy says. You have to loosen (do not have to fully unscrew) the four large screws at the base. Then you will be able to move the base away from the rest of the speaker enough to get the spikes out.
I successfully installed the Gaia III's on my Sopra 2's and am very happy with it.
I just fitted Gaia 111's to my Kudos Super 20's.  The installation could not have been easier, replacing the high quality spikes originally supplied with the speakers.

For a total cost of $400, this is easily the best value upgrade in sound quality I've ever experienced.  I've been a hi-fi enthusiast for 35 years and would never have imagined such an improvement from upgrading my speaker footers could be possible.  It's simply amazing and has has taken my system to a higher level.

I ordered IsoAcoustic Indigo footers for my amplifier this week.
I went with the Gaia lll for my Sopra 1's with stands.  That about 12 lbs over the recommended max weight, but I think they're working out just fine.

Gaia lll with the Sopra 2's tho... I think that really pushing it.