ISO slim floorstander speaker, need recommendation

I am looking for a small, slim floorstanding speaker that has little to no placement issues. A speaker that can dissapear and throw up a nice soundstage with 30W of tube power. These will be used in a living room system, so I really need something that can be placed based on aesthetics, possibly close to a rear wall, without sacraficing the performance. I am thinking Totem Arro? Totem Sttaf? Audio Physic Yara? Am I missing any other good contenders? Suggestions, recommendations?
The original Meadowlark Kestrel or Kestrel HotRod are visually very unobtrusive and seem to be quite easy to place.
System Audio 950/1150.
Thiel 1.5s (used) or the 1.6. One of the few speakers my wife approved of.
You may also want to check out the little Meadowlark Swifts, in addition to the models mentoioned by Sfar. I used to own a pair of these - very small, and inexpensive, yet great with tubes. Also not a rear ported design, like a lot of small 2 ways so you can put them close to a rear wall (mine were only about a foot from the rear wall with no major bass issues). They present a very friendly load, even though their rated sensitivity is not that high. The Totems certainly fit the bill in terms of their footprint, but I suspect that they may want a little more current.
Totem Arro
how's the sound comparison between the sttaf and yara?
I am looking into some small floorstanders for a second system. These are the ones on my list so far:

Totem Arro
Role Audio Windjammer
Opera (Several models)
Castle (Several models)
Odyssey (2 floorstander models)
Ohm Micro Walsh

All the ones on my list besides being small and narrow also are less then 10" deep and have real nice wood finishes.
P.S. There are several Opera audio companies. The one listed is the Italian company that produces the Pavoratti, SP2 and Callas among others.