ISO Pucks with Harbeth and Sklyan Stands

I have Harbeth SLH5 Plus Anniversary speakers with Skylan 4
post stands. Currently using the Q-Bricks that came with the stands.
Wondering if anyone has tried ISO Pucks between the SLH5
(or any Harbeth speaker) and Skylan stands. What differences in
sound, if any, did you notice.
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Open frame stands sound best with the Harbeth.
The pucks or "dots" matter big time in terms of material, material stiffness and thickness.  
I have the SHL5+ and recently did a shootout.  The differences were quite audible and measurable as my thread shows.  
Greatly affects bass response.
@kalali makes a good point.  I use Herbies Gliders under the spikes of my stand, and it makes a huge difference.  (I have suspended wood floors)
@avanti1960  Thanks I'll check it out.
@smrex13  I have hardwood over concrete and use Herbies Threaded Gliders under the stands.