ISO Pucks with Harbeth and Sklyan Stands

I have Harbeth SLH5 Plus Anniversary speakers with Skylan 4
post stands. Currently using the Q-Bricks that came with the stands.
Wondering if anyone has tried ISO Pucks between the SLH5
(or any Harbeth speaker) and Skylan stands. What differences in
sound, if any, did you notice.
Before I got the SHL5's, I had the C7es-3's, also on Sklyan stands. It's hard to imagine the C7's sounding bad under almost any scenario. I gave the C7's to my son and they still sound great in their new home.

@ericsch I thought that as well until I got rid of the Skylans. I'm not sure why anyone would question why a thin walled speaker would not sound better if the top the stand it sat upon was open. Do people consider the bottom of the speaker different than the top or sides? Clearly you would assume the speaker would sound different with a stack of books sitting on top of them or the sides clamped together with a wood clamp or pressure applied evenly to the sides of the cabinet. 

@donjr  What you say seems logical. However, I am "married" to the Skylan stands. 

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Open frame stands sound best with the Harbeth.