ISO Pucks with Harbeth and Sklyan Stands

I have Harbeth SLH5 Plus Anniversary speakers with Skylan 4
post stands. Currently using the Q-Bricks that came with the stands.
Wondering if anyone has tried ISO Pucks between the SLH5
(or any Harbeth speaker) and Skylan stands. What differences in
sound, if any, did you notice.
I fell into the Skylan trap with my old C7es-3's. Stay away from the Harbeth forum when it comes to recommendations on things like this (seriously). I now have the Super HL5 Plus and I have learned a lot about stands for Harbeth speakers. Put those stands up for sale and stop throwing your money at them. Your speakers need a stand with an open bottom. I would recommend you go to and order a pair of Linear II stands which are made for your speakers. You won't ever ask a question about stands again for your Harbeths. I have no affiliation with this company, I've never called them, written them a letter or know where they're from. My Harbeth dealer told me about them and I liked the looks of them and was hopeful that the bottom of the stand being open would make a difference. I promise you, it will solve all your problems. I know Alan told you they sound great sitting on atop a pile of books. Alan is wrong and anyone on the forum telling people they love their Skylan stands has no idea how good their speakers could actually sound if they just had them on a stand with an open bottom.
The LInear II stands look very nice and expensive. At this point, I really don't want to change stands. The Skylans are solid and well built. The wife would not be happy, "Honey guess what, I'm getting new speaker stands."
"Why?" "
Well, you see it's the bottom part......"
Good luck. When you get sick of it refer back to my post. I spent two years dealing with those stands. You can have all my q bricks, Herbie's, ISO pucks, cat litter, lead shot and all the other baloney that's been thrown out there. My wife was mad that I bought the speakers because they sounded so bad. Now she loves them.
Before I got the SHL5's, I had the C7es-3's, also on Sklyan stands. It's hard to imagine the C7's sounding bad under almost any scenario. I gave the C7's to my son and they still sound great in their new home.

@ericsch I thought that as well until I got rid of the Skylans. I'm not sure why anyone would question why a thin walled speaker would not sound better if the top the stand it sat upon was open. Do people consider the bottom of the speaker different than the top or sides? Clearly you would assume the speaker would sound different with a stack of books sitting on top of them or the sides clamped together with a wood clamp or pressure applied evenly to the sides of the cabinet.