Iso-Puck Question

For a CDP that weighs 30 lbs, would I bet better with 5 Iso-Puck Minis (each bears 6 lbs) or 3 Iso-Pucks (each bearing 20 lbs)?  So with the Mini's it would be at the suggested weight limit (unless I use 6, which would have max weight of 36 lbs) or half the weight max using the Iso-Pucks (30 of the 60 lbs).


Thanks, and stay safe.
I use iso-mini's under my turntable (Rega P6) and they are very small. Now that I have seen and used them, I would not put 5 under my speakers which also weight around 30 pounds like yours. I would go to the bigger Iso-Pucks, despite the added cost.  
The cost is always at play; however, I'm also concerned about one being at the relative max weight allowance and the other only halfway there.  I'm picturing the halfway one like having a pogo stick made for a heavier user and having someone small and lightweight trying to use it.  Doesn't work well.  

The Gaia is for speaker use and suggested for screw in only.  On their site they suggest a different model for speakers without spike screws.  I think Orea was recommended for that purpose.  And of course Iso-Pucks for monitors.

Thanks, guys.
Oreas work best when not at the upper limit specified by Isoacoustics.  I imagine the same applies to Iso-pucks.  Using just 3 (rather than 4 or certainly 4) may also be advantageous.
I understand the fear of pogo sticking, I would be more afraid that the mini's are overloaded or close it it and you get no benefit. twoleftears makes a good point on using three rather then four. Do report back, it'll be useful for others as to what you did and found.
My experience with the Oreas was to use ones that would use up about 40-60% of weight allowance. The ones that used around 90% didn't have anywhere near the same results. 

Also, despite what Isoacoustics and Music Direct told me, using them under the feet of the component gave me the best results. They recommend placing them directly in contact with the bottom of the chassis and that was a really torturous affair.

 Moving them just a fraction of an inch this way or that, elicited large differences in where they accented or attenuated and never gave an across the board result that was satisfying. There was always a trade off.

Hope that helps,
audiodwebe, it sounds like the best match would be the iso-acoustics OREA Indigos. That would be $180 for three with each supporting 16 pounds. I’m using those under my DAC and GAIA’s under the speakers. Great devices. If you can swing the $180 I’d go with the three indigos. Best of luck.
Thanks, everyone.

The Orea is definitely a better looking item, for sure, but as for its effectiveness over that of the Puck, I've not read much on that.  The site seems to indicate the Orea can be more closely matched to the weight of the item its supporting; however, it seems to me the Mini's would be better at reaching that sweet spot in the weight to Orea/Puck ratio as you're dealing with each device with a max weight of 6lbs vs 16lbs.  

I'm trying to figure out why three vibration control pods would be better than five, six or seven spread out under the device if the total weight they're supposed to support is close.  For instance 48lb max with three Oreas vs 42lb max with 7 Mini's if the component weight 30lbs. 

I've got a pair of light floor standing speakers I'd like to try but these do not have screw threads in the bottom.  Isoacoustics says in one of their questions answered that the Gaia is intended for screw-in only and that the Orea would be better for speakers without screw holes.  

But they don't address whether the Orea can sit directly on carpet under the speaker or if they, too, need to be placed into the floor spikes they sell.  

Anyone know if the Orea can be placed directly on carpet, by chance?