ISO of AM/FM/XM Tuner

I'm wanting to jump into XM, but don't want to sacrifice my FM capabilities. I need suggestions on what to go with. Marantz is the only one I can find that offers an AM/FM/XM tuner with their ST-7001(I currently own their ST-6000 AM/FM tuner). A google search only pulls sites that are selling it and I can find no reviews. BTW I'm a bang for the buck guy preferring to buy used and I've never seen a used 7001 on the market. Is there anything else out there for me? I have no room left on my preamp to add another component, so this will have to replace my current tuner.
I think it is too new and not likely to have been reviewed. I did use an XM-ready AVR a while back and it worked just fine.

Try ADA.