ISO new reciever, advice needed.

Hello all. I am look to replace my old late 70's Pioneer SX-1900 with a new reciever and I am looking for some advice or sugguestions on which brand/model is recommended. The reciever would be for music only, so I do not need a home theather reciever. My speakers are Paradigms bookshelf monitor 5 series, and I run w/ them an old but rebuilt Velodyne subwoofer. I mostly listen to XM radio via my Polk Audio XM home reciever and MP3s through iTunes from my computer. I also listen to some albums, so if possible I would like a reciever that has phono. My CD player is a harman/kardon CDR-2 that I really like.

I was thinking of purchasing the harman/kardon HK3485, but I have heard mix reviews. I feel my price range is up to about $750, and I am hopeful that would mean I could buy something deciet. Again its for music only, so I do not need any home theather features. Any advice is most helpful!

Tampa Bay Florida
If you are only going to use it for music and would consider used. I would go with the Halo P3 and an A23 amp. You can pick them up here for about the price you mentioned. I have bought several used pieces of Halo equipment and have had excelent results. Just my 2 cents worth.
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Why a receiver ? Why not an integrated amp ? You already have a radio receiver .
Unless OTA free radio is important , you could do better for the same money . Integrated amp = receiver minus the tuner .

Just a thought .

Good luck .
Saki70 is right! Look into Music Hall Maven or Mambo. They also have built in DACs so you will get an instant upgrade fromt the HK CD player by using the digital outs? I think they have a sub out also which will help your set-up too.
I would also look for a integrated.