ISO: Lenco 60Hz Motor

I would like to find a Lenco motor - I will probably try the dremel trick to the 50Hz motor shaft but a 60Hz motor would possibly be a cleaner solution.

Let me know if you have an extra laying around.
No need for two threads on this, but I think you are creating a problem where none exists. On 50Hz, the speed of the Lenco motor will be different from its speed when running on 60Hz. True. But the standard drive shaft is tapered so as to allow nearly infinite adjustment of speed between 16 and 78 rpm. So, I don't think there is really a problem; just slide the idler wheel forward or backward along the tapered drive shaft, until you see proper speed. If we were discussing a Garrard, the situation is different, because no such speed adjustment mechanism is built into the Garrard 301 or 401.
Addendum: On the AC input side, there IS a particular way to hook-up the AC wiring to the Lenco motor so as to match the voltage coming from the wall socket. You DO need to pay attention to that aspect if you are using a motor that came out of a 220V machine (50Hz) and now want to plug into your 120V (60Hz) AC supply. Those instructions are available from a variety of sources, Lenco Heaven for sure, and may even be inscribed on the motor itself; the screw terminals are labeled IIRC.