ISO Information re: Alon Model IV MKII speakers

I recently purchased a pair of Alon Model IV mkII speakers at a very good price. However, I have not been able to find any reviews or information on them on the net or audiogon. Apparently the mkII was released in '98 or '99, not to be confused with the original Model IV which was released in '93. So, I put the question to you my fellow audiophiles: do you know anything about these speakers? The more information you can share the better. I'm extremely interested in hearing from other Alon Model IV mkII owners.
This is why the price was so good.
The Absolute Sound did a review of the speakers.

Here is the link to cut and paste

I own them. The Vs are better then the IVs which have a 12" woofer versus the 10". Tubes amps make them sing, you need at least 100 wpc. Bi-wire helps also.

The Alons come up for sale quite frequently and are a steal. Properly powered and set up, these speaker are amazing. Bill at Miller Sound in PA can tune the speakers for you for around $550 a pair and you'll never look back.

They are slightly warm from neutral but fast, open, dynamic with decent tuneful bass.

What other info do you need?

Happy Listening.
Thanks for the information Bigkidz but I'm looking for information on the Model "Four" mkII. Stereophile reviewed the original Model IV which was released in '93 but I have yet to see a review of the revised speaker which was released in '98. I'm looking to other Alon owners to determine the best way to match cables to these speakers as well as particular characteristics which could effect placement within the room. In general I like to know as much about any speaker that I own.
I previously owned Model II, MkII's and Lotus SE's, I did hear the IV's and V's quite extensively. The Model 2 is pretty similar, used the same midrange speaker and tweeter. My biggest problem with the Alons was trying to get a continuous, coherent sound. IMO the woofers were warmer than the mids and highs, ie. whenever I got the mids and highs to where I liked them, I would get woofer boom. The IV's are even more difficult, the II's and V's were often preferred because their 10" woofer was a little more tight and articulate than the 12" in the IV.
Having said that, perhaps you can get better coherence out of these than I was ever able to. I think tri wiring is a must with these speakers, using different cables for the woofer vs. the mids and tweeters. I would use something thinnner sounding (perhaps a silver cable) on the woofer and something warm on top. The best cable I ever had on top was Kimber Bifocal XL's, this is too warm for the woofer. I never did find a cable to control the bass to my tastes, YMMV.
As far as placement in the room, the farther away from all walls the better. I actually preferred mine on a long wall placement (the only speaker I ever owned that I preferred this placement). They need to be at least 3',preferably 5' or more from the front wall (actually you cannot get Alons too far out from the front wall), you absolutely do not want any bass reinforcement! They are not terribly picky about side wall placement, at least 18" or so, I just liked them way wide apart, even up to 8' worked for me, again different from any other speaker I owned. Point them straight ahead as Alon recommends, toe in creates incoherence, excess of mids and highs in the mix.
As BigKidz mentioned, they do like tubes, EL 34's for the mids and highs but you'll suffer in the bass, KT88's may be the best all around answer.
If you do end up with problematic bass, you may want to check with Nola for replacement woofers, later series used Alnico woofers, not sure about the 12", however.