ISO: DUAL CS-5000 Tonearm Rest

I'm looking for a replacement tonearm rest for my DUAL CS 5000 because I broke the little plastic paddle inside of my one. If you have one to sell, please contact me. I'm also potentially interested in other CS-5000 parts.

If anyone has managed to rig one of these tonearm rests with a broken paddle, I'd be very interested to see how you did it.

Thanks for reading.
If it snapped off clean, why not glue it back? Another way would be to Might be easier to take off the rest), File a flat spot on the rest, drill a small hole at the right location in the rest arm, tap it, install a small bolt with a black nylon tube over it. Best if angle very slightly to keep the arm on the rest. Done.
Thanks for the ideas, Elizabeth.

The little plastic paddle broke broke into three pretty ugly little pieces, so I don't think gluing it will work. The part that broke is actually a little paddle that clicks into the rest of the tonearm support on the inside. There is a tonearm solenoid underneath that thrusts a small rod to push the paddle like a teeter-totter to raise/lower the arm. The only way I can guess to rig it would be to fabricate a part that would fit the same way the little broken paddle does.

Thankfully the tonearm support still works fine to hold up/lock the tonearm.
So you broke a part on the auto arm lift? that is a tough one.
(I own a CS7000 (Dual Golden One) which is very much like the CS5000.)
The Golden One is a beautiful TT. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the part appearing on ebay.