ISO advice on record cleaning fluids

I'm looking to compare notes with vinyl fans who, like me, haven't sprung the big bucks for an ultrasonic cleaner (such as the one made by Audiodesk) and who still use fluids to clean their LPs. I clean mine with a VPI HW-16.5 vacuum machine, but for really dirty records (e.g., garage sale finds) I add the extra step of washing them first in a humble (but for the price, very effective) Spinclean. With the VPI machine, I've alternately been using Mobile Fidelity solutions, as well as those from VPI. I am, however, curious about other solutions -- especially, based on the reviews I've read, those made by Audio Intelligent (AI). So I'd welcome feedback for any of you who have tried other solutions. Thanks

The AIVS cleaning fluids are fantastic! I use No. 15 (pre lean for tough jobs) and No.6 (one step and use after No. 15). Contact Jim Pendleton at Osage Audio. He will tell you all about them. Great guy. Very knowledgeable.  Top notch customer service. Tell him Arshad sent you.
You're welcome!
I use Audio Intelligent three step cleaning system, the second step being Archivist fluid, with Okki Nokki vacuum cleaning machine. The results are excellent, though I never tried extremely dirty records. Nor did I try any other fluid. When I bought the AI from Needle Doctor, the man I talked to said that he slightly preferred it to Mo-Fi. 
Sometimes I use step 1 or even step1+step 2 twice if I feel the record is quite dirty, and I always use step 3 - pure water- twice. Disc Doctor brushes, three of them of course. Also, sometimes I let the solution 1 and 2 to stay on the record for a few minutes after spreading it before vacuuming it off. I get very clean records. You can probably do better than that, but the records are clean enough for me.
AIVS No 15, followed by some kind of "pure water" rinse. You should buy two vacuum arm mounts and wands- one for the fluid and one for the rinse. The Disc Doctor or MoFi type pads work well on the VPI- though they absorb more liquid initially than a brush.  Even though I have other cleaning fluids, machines, use ultrasonic, etc. for problem records, I will use the AIVS No 15 plus lab water rinse- in some cases it will, with multiple cleanings bring a distorted record that sounds trashed back from the dead if the noise is due to ground in/glued in contaminants. Some records are just trashed and no amount of cleaning will revive them. But I can favorably compare using the AIVS No. 15/pure water method on a VPI using multiple wands and applicators to my far more costly cleaning equipment. Much of it is in the method.