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I have a Muse Model 2 DAC for which I need a replacement fuse. The old (and original) fuse is marked 1/2 amp, 250 Volts... but says nothing that I can see about it being either a Slo or Fast blow fuse. I've e-mailed and left voice mails at Muse Electronics, but they have ignored me... perhaps because my DAC is an older and long since discontinued product. Of course, that's no excuse for their failure to respond, but it is as it is... Are there any fellow Audiogoners out there who have experience with the product and can advise me on the proper replacement fuse? I'm thinking of one of the premium HIFI Tuning fuses from Germany and am guessing I want a slo blow, but want to be sure... Thanks

Never guess. Find out for sure. Using a slow blow in place of a fast blow can cause damage. Make sure it is correct. Your local electronics store should know. It can be marked in the unit also. Radio Shack may know by looking at the old one.
Contact Muse and tell them you blew up your DAC and would pay anything for a repair as soon as possible. If they bite and contact you, tell them all you did was replace the fuse and give them some obscure info and then set the hook with "what was I supposed to use?"
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I used to work for several European HiFi brands and ALL their fuses were marked with a "T" to indicate 'time delay', AKA Slo Blo. Example: T3.15AL250VP on the fuse itself. Meaning 3.15A 250V slo blo to us Yanks.

The sockets were also marked accordingly, no 'T'= Fast Blo, and besides, a great rule of thumb: better safe than sorry, if unsure ALWAYS replace it with a fast blo, and only then if it keeps blowing, then invest in a Slo Blo.
ALWAYS replace it with a fast blo, and only then if it keeps blowing, then invest in a Slo Blo.
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If it calls for a fast blo, and keeps blowing, get it fixed!!! Investing in a slo blo will just worsen the problem.
Thanks all for the advice... Of course I'm not going to replace the existing fuse (which still works) until I'm sure of the exact replacement specs... Alas, Muse hasn't been answering my e-mails or my voice-mails... I just tried calling them again and this time got through to a live voice who never heard of Muse... Methinks they may have gone belly-up. Anybody heard anything?
at 1/2 amp, a regular fuse will be just a tiny, hair-like piece of wire between the endcaps.
Slo-Blo? Should have some heatsinking.
For electronics without a DAC, slo-blo simply makes no sense.