Isn't this a site dedicated to audio/video

I have to say this is my favorite site since I stumbled upon it just over a month ago...however, I am saddened and hope others share my feelings when I see somebody using Audiogon to sell the new Nintendo game cube at what I assume will be an outrageous markup. Please...lets not let this website turn into another place for people to "rape" the general public at christmas time for whatever the most popular gift is that year. I dont want to start seeing $1000 Tickle Me Elmos on audiogon and I dont care if the Nintendo does play DVD's or CD's...go sell it on EBAY
Couldn't agree more. It's bad enough to see the occasional 6X9 listed under speakers, but at least the seller can claim ignorance. But, to try and hawk non audio-related merchandise (at an outrageous markup, to boot) is ridiculous. Please AudiogoN...don't let this happen to your WONDERFUL website!
There are a great many that would say that the "cubes" are as much audio/video related as lets say software and hardware used for downloading mpegs, which I have seen discussed and sold in the forum, and in no way do I consider an mpeg audio. I trust the moderators here, they have even declined a couple of my posts, and did so politely and with good reasoning. I also trust that they have to keep the income coming in to keep this and other parts of the site free. Its kinda like books, radio, or television, you don't have to read it, listen to it or watch it if you choose not to. Just skip over those ads.
This is especially funny as I've been seeing adds all over for the Xbox and Game Cube. I just got back from the mall and saw them for sale there, no shortage at all!!! I feel sorry for the fools who pay over retail for these!