Isaac Hayes

first time I heard him was on 8-track in a black 71 eldorado convertible rolling down las olas boulevard with the top down...."Black Moses" what a classic timeless album I still listen to (especially) today. Who could forget 'Gandy' for fans of Rockford (rockfish) Files. Another Memphis soul icon has passed........thanks for all the great music & laughs Ike, RIP.
"But I'm talking about Shaft..."

One of a kind for sure. Great voice.
I was amazed the local paper here in Florida said nothing about him as Chef on South Park!

Not to discredit his soul work, which was legendary!!!!
I have his first album,"Hot Buttered Soul",which was purchased in 1969. I have numerous other albums of his,and I had an Isaac Hayes concert today to enjoy his contribution to the music world.
What a talent.
I remember him fondly from the Rockford files. I also have Hot Buttered Soul on vinyl and SACD.
How is the SACD of Hot Buttered Soul since I can't find a vinyl verson?
A Great Sound and Great Soul.
I had the pleasure of sitting next to him and sharing lunch one day, a few years ago in a group meeting. As much as you appreciate his music, he was also a really beautiful spirit of a person. Very intelligent and very kind.
One of the few persons that was certified to be COOL!!!

I remember playing several songs in high school and reading the drum music to SHAFT.

Hayes was also very talented around the kitchen.
The SACD version is good but not great. I haven't played it in a while though. It is hard to find, a vinyl copy might be easier.
Another great one has passed on. He has great work in his discography as mentioned, Hot Buttered Soul, Black Moses, Live at the Sahara Tahoe. But in my opinion, his genius (that's right genius), can be found in the primarily instrumental "Shaft" soundtrack that includes the Oscar winning "Theme from Shaft". If you don't own it, now is a good time to make that purchase. The music is timeless and sounds just as fresh, cool, and sophisiticated as it did back in 1971. Mr. Hayes composed the score for the movie and it became an instant classic. If you listen to it, it is intricate, creative and inspiring music. No movie soundtrack in the "R&B" "Soul" genre can touch it and few in the history of movie soundtracks. Rest in peace Mr. Hayes, there are none like you out there.
Isaac's first was Presenting Isaac Hayes, 1967 and it was excellent. Hot Buttered Soul (1969) would have to be considered his peak, but he actually maintained a very high level of excellence through at least 8 LP's . . . a massive achievement that even many of the biggest stars of the last half-century cannot claim.

Terry Gross did a very good interview with Mr. Hayes back in the '90's that was repeated yesterday and should be available for a week or so at the NPR/Fresh Air site. It really captures his spirit and soul very well.

As with many Stax luminaries, he grew up in grinding poverty and overcame a ton of obstacles to achieve career success . . . he will be greatly missed.

Yeah, I listened to the NPR/Fresh Air interview yesterday. Very well done, especially with his explanation of how his wardrobe evolved, including his reasons for shaving his hair.
Acoustic Sounds put out a 45 RPM 3 song record with 3 cuts from Shaft including the theme song. Sounds real good - recommended if its still in stock!
Hayes was amazing in so many ways, including - most apprapot to this crowd - his focus on the sonic impact of his music. The theme to Shaft is one of the all time great studio effects records. Anyone who owns the LP should break it out for a listen - the harmonies and pan-potted strings are an audio roller coaster. I sometimes use it as a demo for people who express an interest in hearing my system. It's always a first impulse to use vocals, jazz, or orchestral music to show off a good system, but this record always knocks 'em dead.

I'm not sure he ever got all the credit he deserved, but he will be missed around here.
Kinda of cool to explore "Joy" and "To be continued" again.
Everyone speaks to "Shaft" as his best work but I think these are the records I will keep coming back to.
Martyk1, I agree, the cd I have of "Shaft" is a tour de force recording of great quality and could really make an excellent demo for anyone's system.