Is Zone output good for quality reproduction?

I’d much appreciate an opinion on the following matter:

I am too greedy to invest in separates for home theater and music tracts. I am contemplating a setup whereby a decent quality processor would be feeding both a 6 channel “home theater” amp through its main outputs, and a stereo amp through its zone outputs. I am using Rotel RMB-1066/Mirages for the former and Classe CA2100/Logan Martins for the later. Obviously, I am much more concerned with the sound fidelity of my beloved operas than silly HBO dramas.

So, the questions are:

1.Conceptually, are there any drawbacks to using Zone output for an uncompromised (relative the mains) sound? (E.g., is Zone circuitry by design inferior to the main pre-amplification tract? I am aware of the analog-only/no-digital-signal for Zone outputs limitation on most pre-amps; this is not a factor)

2.What pre-amps would be recommended for the described setup? (with bias toward lower-cost solution but without rendering Classe/LM tract totally impotent)

3.Drilling down on (2), might there be any Rotel processors that would fill the need?

4.Should I rather stop being stupid, drop the whole idea and consider alternatives?