Is your heart filled with a love of music, or something else?

I was dismayed by much of what was being said in a very recent, now deleted thread. Many of the statements made were not just pretty extreme, but also filled with visceral hatred. The Matthew 6:24 passage in the Bible came to mind: "No one can serve two masters." Can a heart so filled with hatred be open to the beauty of music?

This world can be a brutal, ugly place. My friends and I retreaded from the horrific events of 1968 (and the mentality which lead to them) by totally immersing ourselves in music, tuning out the outside world. Unfortunately, the U.S.A. seems far worse to me now than it did then.

I take refuge and find solace in the music contained in my LP and CD library, and am very thankful for living in a time when music may be heard via recordings at the touch of a button---a very recent development, in terms of man’s entire history. How fortunate are we?!

Isn’t it enough to share the love of music---and the equipment that allows us to hear it in our homes, enough for us all here? Why spoil that with talk of matters less satisfying to our souls? I was pleased to see that many of my favorite Audiogon members refrained from joining the referred to conversation.
I'm firmly in the rap isn't music camp. Perhaps it is modern poetry with a boring background noise, although I can't be certain as I vehemently ignore both.

Sadly I do remember being exposed Pam Ayres. Perhaps that explains everything.

When I see violent behavior it is a valuable warning sign to avoid the gear that the behaviorally challenged individuals use and own, as their audio gear did nothing to help them out of their misery, or maybe made their imbalance even worse.
The true worth of a good stereo system is that it helps to maintain inner peace and harmony.
When the world went into lockdown last year, I started working 7-12s and I can just now see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have always loved music, my parent’s house was always filled with great music. I have always had a radio, boombox, stereo, Diskman, mp3 player, phone and earbuds etc. A coworker once told me "when I look at you I can see the music playing in your head" frankly one of the nicer things anyone ever said to me. Starting last December, I put together a Modest system Elac B6.2, PS Audio Sprout 100, Rega Planar 2, an old Infinity sub with a new Dayton 100w plate amp, and a Sony 5 disk DVD player. Started buying LPs for the first time, and it sounds pretty good (you have to push the Elacs to wake them up) but sounds good. Then upgraded the Carbon to a Nagaoka MP 110, Then added a Mani and tweaked with it, sounds better. Going to buy a Schiit Freya +, and Modius to Feed the sprout (then plan on replacing it with a Vidar) and intend to replace the Elacs with Martin Logan ESLs (and toss another Vidar in if needed) it should sound very nice at that point. but this meandering tale is to say that with all the craziness, sickness, deaths of people I know (I never dreamed I would be so surrounded by this damn disease) Music is one of the main physical thing I can do to de stress whether it is with a phone and buds, Listening to Diana Krall, spin on the TT, or just having a thumb drive playing in the car while my wife and I have a picnic watching the water go by. Music is sanity. Music is life.
I love Music!  All forms of music.  But, Rap for me is a non-starter.  Best definition I ever heard of Rap & Hip-Hop is "Bad Poetry to a boring Drum Solo."  Yep, I'm biased, and I am good with that.