Is your heart filled with a love of music, or something else?

I was dismayed by much of what was being said in a very recent, now deleted thread. Many of the statements made were not just pretty extreme, but also filled with visceral hatred. The Matthew 6:24 passage in the Bible came to mind: "No one can serve two masters." Can a heart so filled with hatred be open to the beauty of music?

This world can be a brutal, ugly place. My friends and I retreaded from the horrific events of 1968 (and the mentality which lead to them) by totally immersing ourselves in music, tuning out the outside world. Unfortunately, the U.S.A. seems far worse to me now than it did then.

I take refuge and find solace in the music contained in my LP and CD library, and am very thankful for living in a time when music may be heard via recordings at the touch of a button---a very recent development, in terms of man’s entire history. How fortunate are we?!

Isn’t it enough to share the love of music---and the equipment that allows us to hear it in our homes, enough for us all here? Why spoil that with talk of matters less satisfying to our souls? I was pleased to see that many of my favorite Audiogon members refrained from joining the referred to conversation.
Are you talking about music or bragging about exotic cars?
Please tell me that you are kidding. 
In my heart is the love of my family and keeping them safe.

In my head is the reality of this crazy world.

Head and heart get together at the end of the day and listen to music, all types at least 2 hours a day. To decompress. 
A few weeks ago, I was reading another thread about rap music. There were a number of folks who were dismissive, even derogative, of this genre of music. It was said that rap is not ’real’ music, whatever that’s supposed to mean. I wish these folks can see how rap is becoming the universal language for people around the world, especially those trying to survive in tough environments and circumstances. And it’s not just limited to the United States. Whether it’s Dharavi (Asia’s largest slum in Mumbai, India) or a tough neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, rap music cuts across languages, cultures, and geographic boundaries. It has become the musical language of choice to express not just frustration and angst, but also aspirations and hopes of a better life, a better world.

Of course, the same can be said about jazz, rock ’n roll, and classical music. You don’t need to speak the language, or even understand the background/history (though it certainly adds to the enjoyment) to appreciate music.

Music is truly the only language that connects and binds humanity more than anything else in this world. Thank you for starting this topic.
2Pac is a legend. He  will always be close to my heart....but this new RAP.... man, it's grating to the soul.