Is Yamaha A-S2000 a good fit for B&W 803D's

I am looking at replacing my amp/preamp. To simplify, would the Yamaha A-S2000 integrated amp be a reasonable choice. It has received excellent reviews, and I don't want to spend more than $2000.
A lot to be said for a big company with deep pockets on the quality and service front.
I love mine running Kef LS-50s, or Daedalus DA1s. It's a great amp & a
terrific value. It's got guts, refinement & soul. Plug it & a digital source into a Oyaide R0 w/a couple filtering caps strapped neutral to ground. Try some Mundorfs S/G/O bypassed by 5/10% CuTf V-Caps.... The Kefs r the
best 'low level' speaker I've ever heard, & I have a large room, 25 x 26 x 16
vaulted open to a kitchen. I don't think the B&Ws would present any problem. The Yamaha is neutral & transparent, feed it well and you will b