Is Wife Acceptance Factor (WAF) sexist?

Believe our addictive hobby is primarily male dominated. The technical aspects seem to appeal more to men. Or is that in and of itself sexist. There are now a few knowledgeable and astute women reviewers. I am always intrigued by the comments off the few women who identify themselves by name on the Forum. One in particular is quite long winded. I'm sure this has nothing to do with her sex. Although he/she has a name which could be male or female. I always love it when my wife comes to look at the record sleeve of the vinyl playing and rely on her opinion of the fidelity. Not to mention desire and count on her approval of new purchases. But is she also addicted? I don't think so. Does that have anything to do with being a woman. I don't think so. Does she care about the fine nuances? She says not. I would love to hear from women and anyone on this. WAF? I care a lot what things look like. HAF?

Do you want to be happy in the living room or the bedroom.
@russbutton that is a beautiful room, hats off.
ISO - thank you, your the only one who gets it!

“Now Meathead, let me tell something about the Big One, WWII buddy, we didn’t have no Jap, Chink, or your Fag British turntables, it was good ole made in the USA!”

Having said that, if Archie were an audiophile, he’d definitely have some McIntosh gear or maybe some classic Fisher tube gear, definitely no Telefunkens in there though :)
Lou, That was the good-ol-days when we could all make fun of each other and laugh about it together. And no polack records that play backwards! 😄
Archie was the first sitcom audiophile. His chair was right in the sweet spot. Only  we never saw the system because of the camera angle.