Is Wife Acceptance Factor (WAF) sexist?

Believe our addictive hobby is primarily male dominated. The technical aspects seem to appeal more to men. Or is that in and of itself sexist. There are now a few knowledgeable and astute women reviewers. I am always intrigued by the comments off the few women who identify themselves by name on the Forum. One in particular is quite long winded. I'm sure this has nothing to do with her sex. Although he/she has a name which could be male or female. I always love it when my wife comes to look at the record sleeve of the vinyl playing and rely on her opinion of the fidelity. Not to mention desire and count on her approval of new purchases. But is she also addicted? I don't think so. Does that have anything to do with being a woman. I don't think so. Does she care about the fine nuances? She says not. I would love to hear from women and anyone on this. WAF? I care a lot what things look like. HAF?

OK, but...

A "wife" can be either male/female and/or of the third sex, et cetera...

As far as the Internet goes I have previously claimed to be rich, famous and extremely sexy, so...

What sex am I?

Isnt dekay French accent of dickie??
Isnt is not a real word and DeKay are my my initials "sounded out - HOOKED ON PHONICS"...

However, we recently discovered that our rescue cat (from Monrovia, CA) who has lived with us for 5+ years speaks fluent French, so with this new info...

What sex am I?

You are contradicting a contraction?
If you are asexual, it's a trick question.
Give a hint: If those are your initials, is there an interconnect missing in between?
When my significant other says a particular track has "good dynamic range," it kinda turns me on. I'm easy like that. And it's all the WAF I get. 

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Give a hint: If those are your initials, is there an interconnect missing in between?

Yes, the middle would remind you of a component of a teeter totter.

Close indeed, but still no Bosco for you.

Perhaps you should just keep it as your little secret... 🙊
Yes, little if it makes you feel better about yourself...


It is just for the same reason I don't change diapers. I don't like surprises.
If it helps, I identify as a 24 year old Scarlett Johansson. Its a royal hassle. I'm on my third trip to the DMV. For some reason they just cannot get the photo to look right.
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Charles Rodriguez audiophile cartoons from the 1970's were often themed around the WAF in one way or another. I imagine many of us can see ourselves in them.        I own a pair of speakers (currently in storage) that no woman would accept!!
"WAF" is a well know international scale that defines the relationship between form and function. If an audio component functions at a high level and look really good in the home decor, it is deemed to have a high WAF.  Most males who purchase audio equipment to be used in a common living space with no regard to decor, are typically single or divorced.  Unlike Bigfoot, WAF is very real
Do not care about that in my house i can buy anything for my stereo or anything else.Its good to be the King!!
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Who really cares if WAF is sexist or not?  There aren’t many complaints about this, so why Even bring it up.  In our house, my wife has always accommodated my equipment in the living room, perhaps I am lucky.  Over the years, I have had some Godawful ugly speakers in the living room and never a peep from her. At that time it was all about the “sound”, but now it is the sound and astethitcs.  
In my circles, a "wife" is female. A "spouse" can be any gender, but attached by marriage. And "partner" is the most inclusive term.

As @testpilot says, many audiophiles are clueless when it comes to decor. I doubt that's only the male ones. Surely, letting enthusiasm for an interest blind one to other factors is a *human* characteristic.

The phenomenon is real. "PAF" is what I'll use from now on.
Sorry I brought it up...
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It is sexist and it does exist.  Is that a contradiction?

Most frequently adduced when a punter is trying to back out of a deal.

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Too funny that someone thought my post as quoted by MC above contravened ANY forum posting rules.....
Just sad.......
Its not necessary to violate any rules. All you have to do is trigger some special snowflake, SJW or Karen and boom, the mods race to see how fast they can take it down. Half the people here are NPC so pretty much anything qualifies.
For a pleasant change MC we are definitely on the same page!
I am too old to be normalized concerning the new rules in the world of political biology....

I can be reeducated tough with hard labors....


For the subject of this thread, my wife dont like my audio expanses, but because i use only homemade low cost methods, she says nothing....

It is not sexist to recognise complementarities which are rooted in biology and society....

And where all the humor and wit will be banned if we negate reality?

And it can perfectly be the opposite: my wife liking audio and me not, a little bit  in the rebel side for his expanses in audio... 

Then there is no prejudice against anyone when we speak about our for ideologist....
WAF isn't sexist al long as the "W" isn't gender specific. If a partner doesn't like the look of a pair of speakers your hobby required to the degree that they gripe about 'em, it's utterly personal how you deal with that. Be kind or move out.
I think PAF (partner) covers it all, no?  LGBTQ, straight, married, dating, etc.  
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Perhaps I should torch my JBLs for solidarity. 🤔
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@geoffkait's Audiogon account is still active and his posts still exist.

Plenty of Audiogon members have stopped posting over the years for various reasons.

Personally, I hope he's not ill and he just decided to take a break.
I hope he is well as well.... This pandemic is scary....

Don’t worry MC you fuss and complain all the time and you are still here.

Well this turned into a train wreck tout suite!

Come back GK, all is forgiven.... Well nearly all😇
GK could be innerving at times but he was helpful and often very funny and very "original".... I wish him the best....

I will add that i consider all people here like friends....

It is not sexist. It does not make any claims about one sex being superior to another. The term does depend on there being more men in the audio purchasing world than women. If and when that ever changes, then it will still not be sexist, but it will be less relevant and possibly replaced with HAF. :)

"I own a pair of speakers (currently in storage) that no woman would accept!!"

It is not speakers, it is you they have strong feelings about.

It is not called "storage". It is called "dog house".

"the new rules in the world of political biology.... "
I am stealing this one.
It is not mine tough, probably i steal it somewhere.... :)
Then I am stealing it from the thief.
glubson: "It is not speakers, it is you they have strong feelings about" I appreciate your perceptive comment. Although and more precisely, it is my CHOOSING of such speakers that is the concern. Thank you again. 😄
Is WAF sexist? 

Only if you're trying (too hard) to be politically correct.
Significant Other Approval Factor...SOAF

SO....about as neutral as one could hope for...mho...

Beautiful vs.ugly remains in the minds’ eye of the beholder. And is applied to nearly Everything, an in every conceivable way.

My 2 cents....and, given inflation and the current state of the economies of our common planet...

...worth nil. :l

Off course it is sexist. Every difference between people can have a positive or negative connotation (all in the eye of the beholder). I like being a sexist between the sheets. 😜 But for audio... I don’t care and the stereo doesn’t care either.

It can be a good thing. My spouse has a better ear for harshness and she has a deeper understanding of value/cost. So WAF is a good thing in my opinion.

Is there a MAF/TAF/GAF/LAF factor in audio btw (to be inclusive)? Like a Male Acceptance Factor? (only accepting ugly equipment, it must have a macho look with a lot of blinking leds, it must be big, bold, and impressive etc...) Or are we just happy nerds that need to be convinced with a good technobabble story to appreciate something.