Is Western Union Safe?


I have a guy that wants to Western Union me a pretty good chunk of change, Is this safe? Are the funds secure? Can I ship the same day? I requsted a Wire transfer as payment but he prefers to use Western Union. Help me out people.
Thanks in advance.

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Ask the buyer uses the Western Union money order from Bidpay. It is very very safe.

Once you receive the confirmation from Bidpay(by e-mail), you can send the good right the way.

Safest way to wire. They have been around for century. All is safe and secure........................
Western Union is one of the safest ways to transfer funds, perhaps second only to bank wire transfers. I have sent money by Western Union a number of times, and never had any problem.
Once the money is in WU's hands, and you have been notified by WU of the fund transfer, you should feel safe to ship the product.
I called Western Union and they want almost $200.00. Luckly I don't have to pay it :^) Seems like a waste of money when you can complete a bank to bank wire transfer for less than $30.00. Maybe I'm just to cheap in my old age. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks guys
Some people don't like to use banks for wire transfer. The transaction goes through the federal reserve system. This then creates a clean record. But $ 200 on top of the original amount..........I guess some people have it to burn!! And they don't want to create a record burning it too!!
Bank wire transfer is the quickest and best way to go. A few problems with Western Union. I had a buyer in the U.K. who wanted to make payment this way. Forget about a certified check drawn on a bank from the U.K. IT TAKES ONE MONTH TO CLEAR!!! The 800 toll free number at Western Union was stocked with not-too-bright people who were just about USELESS in solving the one BIG problem with a W.U. money tranfer. If you're getting a large chunk of change, most payment centers will give you A CERTIFIED BANK CHECK, NOT CASH!!! Depending on the issuing bank, this can take several days to clear problem free at YOUR bank, as well as the remote possibilty of screw-ups with a bank check (some Bozo or a computer glich mistakenly lists that particular # check as STOLEN!) Make sure that you can find a payment location that has cash on hand to`pay you. W.U. can't help here. They will give you a list of locations, then YOU will have to call each one to see if they will pay you by cash or check! Good luck.
fastest and safest indeed.
It ended up being a bank to bank wire transfer. They charged us each $10.00. Not bad to move 3K from New York to California in about an hour. I could get use to that! :^)
can you tell me(or us) what bank to what bank so i can move my funds there?
I use Washington Mutual, I'm not sure about the buyer.